Remodeling Toxicity

May 18, 2017

“I am so grateful that I found Revolutions Naturopathic! Last fall I started to have some very strange things happen to me that I had never experienced before. All of a sudden I had rashes all over my body and scalp (so bad that I was losing my hair!). My primary care physician simply handed me a prescription of steroid ointment to calm the rash and that wasn´t good enough for me. I wanted to know what the cause was to keep it from getting worse before I had no hair left! I thought the cause was food sensitivity at first (and so did Dr. Raithel) but after a process of elimination she helped me connect the dots to a reaction I was having from some of the remodeling work that we were doing in our home at the time and a buildup of heavy metals/toxins in my system. It was just too much for my liver and kidneys to keep up with so my body was detoxing through my skin! Thanks to Dr. Raithel I am in a good place now and am ready for my first haircut in months. I plan to come back for regular detoxification and also to bring my son in to see Dr. Larrow to help manage his ADHD. We are so lucky to have doctors like this available to us in our community and I really hope that this is the future of medicine.”*