May 18, 2017

“The “nutshell” version of my story is since July 2012 I have suffered with severe peri-menopausal symptoms. My symptoms were daily nausea that came in waves, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for days with vomiting. Other symptoms were dizzy spells, heartburn, hot flashes not to mention depression from feeling so crappy and not being able to continue my 24 year career as a dental assistant. Also, I have always been active i.e. softball, kayaking, walking/hiking, bike riding but under those circumstances I was unable to live a normal life. My sister-in-law recommended this treatment. It has been a little over one month and I feel that I have quality of life back. The tincture I take every morning has made a huge difference. I have a hate vs. love relationship with it…I won’t lie, it tastes bad but I chase it down with juice. I love how it has made me feel! ”*