Allergy Testing

May 18, 2017

“I started seeing Dr. Brinkley for allergy testing and general checkups last fall. I am thrilled! I have seen quite a few doctors in my life, but Dr. Brinkley is at the top. She takes your history, asks you questions about it, listens to your ailments, and works with you to find the best solutions. She begins by working through what, in your life, could be causing the problems (ex, bad habits, allergens in the home, etc.) to solve the ailment and if that doesn’t work, moves on to natural remedies, and so on. I, as a patient, do not want to mask a problem with drugs; I want to know why I have the problem and solve it! If you are like me, and want your doctor to listen to you and work with you, Revolutions Naturopathic is for you!”*