IV Chelation

May 18, 2017

“In 1996 I learned that I had a blockage in the “lad” in my heart. The doctor advised an angiogram and then subsequently angioplasty and a stent. A year later he advised a triple bypass. I was bothered by the diagnosis and the rapid advancement of the disease and so I looked for further information and advice. Dr. Luis Pacini, MD had very different ideas, but they appealed to me because he said that reversal of the disease was possible under certain conditions. I could skip the bypass… The other doctors at the time said that heart disease was progressive and not reversible. Dr. Pacini´s ideas were soon verified by the now well known Dr. Dean Ornish. I followed Dr. Pacini´s program and did indeed become better, but he later moved to Florida and I slowly fell back into old habits. In December of 2010 I found myself in the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack, but it turned out that I had taken too many aspirin. The doctor did advise “baby aspirin” but when I got flu-like symptoms I took more and this lead to a major blood loss. I stopped the aspirin and found that I was getting better, but the doctor strongly advised that I go back to the aspirin and even take a statin which was to be followed by another angiogram and probably angioplasty/stent. He said that if I had qualified for a bypass 15 years earlier, I certainly would still qualify. Three days later I was again getting angina. I was back in the position I had in 1997, but there was no “Pacini” in Stockton. By now there was an ocean of literature further substantiating the validity of the alternative program. Standard cardiology had not changed, and so I needed to find someone to help me through this.

That someone turned out to be Dr. Raithel, ND in Folsom, CA. She is one of the few practitioners who offer chelation as part of her set of services. The selection of Dr. Raithel turned out to be an excellent choice. It is now just two months later and the angina has almost totally disappeared! It is clear that heart disease is reversible and she is able to provide the professional assistance to achieve that goal. I know that I need to continue making the life-style changes necessary in order to make further advancement against the disease. But it is a great comfort to know that Dr. Raithel will be available to assist me when I need it. I can recommend Dr. Raithel to you without reservation. Please write to me if you would like to discuss more details: [e-mail may be obtained by contacting us at [email protected] or 916-351-9355]. I will be happy to talk to anyone interested. It is my opinion that medical practice is going through a “paradigm shift.” More people need to learn about this and get the assistance from a professional like Dr. Raithel. Our lives depend on it!!!”*