Holistic Approach – Dry Skin, Sleep, Weight Loss, Alcohol Dependency

May 9, 2017

“My personal experience with Dr. Raithel was really kind of amazing. I have struggled with eczema my entire life. She remedied that with Omega 3 Fish Oils. I experienced immediate relief from itchy and flaky skin. Also my problem with dandruff improved to the point of being able to use regular store bought shampoo again. I also took Beta Blockers for blood pressure issues. With her combination of Natural Therapies, I am now free of blood pressure medications that I have taken daily for the last eight years. What a relief, knowing that my blood pressure could be controlled with natural products, as well as some good, old fashioned exercise, and making smart food choices. I do not “diet”, per se, but I have lost 92 pounds in the last 15 months. Additionally, I had been using alcohol in the evenings for falling asleep after a major car accident. I was very tense after the accident, so I started drinking enough to help me relax. However, as we all know, dependency sneaks up on you quickly, and when it does, eventually your body needs more alcohol as it builds up a tolerance for it. Dr. Raithel provided an “Alpha Wave Stimulator” treatment that relaxed me in a way I had not experienced before. She supplemented that with some natural sleep remedies. Since then, I no longer use alcohol as my primary means for sleep. How grateful I am to be away from that addictive substance! I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Raithel, for how wonderful you’ve helped me feel in such a short time!”*