Tremors and IV Glutathione

May 9, 2017

“I have a unique medical history. One doctor always says, “Well, you are a complicated lady!” Another said, “You do have an interesting medical history!” Another one said, “I had already had a bad day. I´m not sure I can deal with the likes of you today.” I lead choirs, and when I developed a tremor in my left hand, I became discouraged. I felt that my days in music were over. My daughter, who is a veterinarian, had read in “The Better Brain Book” by David Perlmutter, that people were being treated successfully with intravenous glutathione. She told me to go online and look for an alternative medical doctor.

That is how I found Dr. Raithel at Revolutions Naturopathic, and I´m so glad that I did. Dr. Raithel even has a lot of experience in music and drama, so she was particularly empathetic with me — a plus I hadn´t counted on. When I handed her a four page long document that I keep on my computer with all of my past ailments, supplements I take, and a long, long list of allergies, she didn´t bat an eye. When I told her how I had been helped by Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, she smiled and told me she had studied with him. I knew I had found an advocate! I have found that in addition to being very knowledgeable where alternative medicine is concerned, she is indeed an advocate. I am getting help with my tremors, and I´m optimistic about getting help with all of my other weird ailments, too!”*