Peptides: Synergy in Anti-Aging

Dr. Karla Alberts in attendance at the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) Peptide Certification with Dr. William Seeds, MD, and Dr. Elizabeth Yurth, MD.

One of my favorite things about going to conferences is feeling like a student all over again. I absolutely love getting up early and attending class all day with a fresh mind, ready to learn and grow. I try to go into these conferences with the understanding that I know absolutely nothing. I find that I learn best when my mind is completely moldable and able to shift to new paradigms and insights from great and experienced physicians. 

One of my favorite peptide combinations I have been using recently in my practice is a blend of 2 peptides, called CJC-1295/Ipamorelin.

A little introduction to these 2 lovely peptides:

CJC-1295: This peptide mimics our own Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH), that comes from the hypothalamus.

Ipamorelin: This peptide is a selective Growth Hormone (GH) secreatagogue and Ghrelin Receptor agonist. Because this peptide doesn’t have the same volume effect on other hormones as earlier forms of GH releasing peptides do, it has fewer side effects and is considered the first selective, and best, GH secreatagogue.

I like using these 2 peptides in combination, as they create a synergistic effect that creates 5x the benefits as either one individually! This peptide blend is used to facilitate the natural release of our body’s own growth hormone, which helps with hair, skin, weight loss, increased muscle mass, better recovery and repair, mood (anxiety, depression, social isolation), fatigue, improved sleep and feelings of rapidly aging. Growth hormone is no different than all of our other hormones in the sense that they all decrease gradually as we age. When we begin replacement therapy with testosterone or estrogen, for example, we understand the need for these treatments because our bodies naturally lose the ability to make these hormones over time. Growth hormone is no different. And it is responsible for so many things!

Check out this video for further information on this peptide combination!


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