Anxiety and Lyme

Perhaps some of these thoughts sound like your own: Why am I anxious? I have never been this anxious before. My life isn’t any more stressful than it has been. Why do I have trouble concentrating? Have I developed adult ADHD or something? Why can’t I sleep? I used to sleep like a log but I now have trouble shutting down my brain. How can I be tired and wired at the same time?

Anxiety is not entirely a mind/psych issue and has many physical causes to consider. If your doctor has not tested you for Lyme and similar infection, this may be a test worth considering. Psychiatric medications (antidepressants, anxiety meds etc.) can help to reduce the intensity of anxiety but are not always sustainable in the long term when used alone. If there is an underlying infection such as Lyme, treating the physical body can have wonderful effects on mental health and can make many other therapies work better.

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