The Stubborn Pain of Lyme

Has your pain been stubborn since that one “flu,” or after that camping or hiking trip? Do you dismiss this as “maybe I am just getting old?” Are your joints and muscles easily pained by light exercise and movement? Have you seen your doctor and been told “everything looks fine on your labs and nothing appears to be wrong with you?” Have you been told it is “all in your head?” Perhaps, consider a more revolutionary approach to optimizing your health and reducing your daily pain.

Infections, including Lyme, are very common and significant contributors to chronic pain. These pains can manifest in many ways including but not limited to: muscle pain, joint pain/arthritis, headaches/migraines, even stomach and urinary pain. If the usual treatments and investigations have been tried and failed or perhaps you have a known tick bite with “negative Lyme”, consider a complete work-up for infection and general assessment of immune function. Lyme is not often screened in California but more and more cases are confirmed each year. You do not have to live with your pain; you can take control of your health today.