Why detoxification?

Why detoxification?

Toxic body burden is part of the aging process.  As we age our bodies are exposed to stressors, including pollution, pesticides, emotional stress, and poor dietary choices.  Each exposure to these stressors uses up nutrients and enzymes that would otherwise be going towards the regeneration of tissue causing…AGING.

There are THREE ways that Naturopathic Doctors reverse aging.

FIRST is nutrient optimization. Making sure the building blocks of repair are available in abundance means that the body has the tools necessary to cope with stressors along with day to day cellular regeneration.

SECOND is detoxification.  Detoxification can range from a mild yearly cleanse to intensive heavy metal and solvent elimination from the peripheral tissues.  When the body is exposed to toxins the skin, liver and kidneys are the primary ways that the body processes and eliminates them.  In our current environment breathing air, drinking water, eating food, and generally living in a technologically advanced society means that we are bombarded with an overload of heavy metals and solvents.  When the skin, liver, and kidneys can’t keep up these toxins are stored in fat, muscle, and bone to be dealt with at a later date.  The problem with this system is that we are constantly being exposed to toxins.  Active detoxification including chelation can help pull these toxins out of storage and flush them out of the body.

THIRD is avoidance. Taking time each year to stop adding toxins and inflammatory foods to your system so that the liver, skin and kidneys have time to play catch-up, along with making changes to decrease your normal day to day exposures.

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Dr. Michele Raithel, ND