The Correlation Between Cancer & Exercise

As we bring attention to cancer, I would like to focus on the benefits of exercise.

There are studies that link regular exercise to the decreased incidence of an astounding 13 different types of cancers.  All the mechanisms of the benefits are not yet known but the correlation is definitely supported. Some people may not know why it can reduce the risk of cancer but there are several associated reasons.

Exercise: Not only will it burn fat but also decrease the number of fat cells.  Fat cells can crowd and impede organ movement and function if the percentage of fat becomes too high. One of the functions of fats cells is to house toxins that circulate the body; besides reducing toxins from being stationary in the body, exercise boosts mood and in group settings can create a sense of community.  Achieving health with a partner or a group of people will also allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and share your successes.

Inflammation: Higher amounts of fat in the body can cause inflammation in the body.  Another interesting association is that regular body movement speeds food through the colon and, thus, not allowing time for dietary carcinogens to be absorbed back into the bloodstream.

Hormones: In regards to hormones, exercise will allow hormones to circulate and regulate levels between each other. You don’t have to be an ‘athlete’ or engage in extreme, arduous activity to gain this great benefit.

Most studies focus on using research that analyzed exercise – doing any activity that will keep your heart rate up – for 30 minutes. This small amount of exercise will decrease your risk of developing cancer up to 2.5 times!

Dr. Peronel, ND