In the Prevention of Cancer, Terrain is Everything

Prevention of cancer is like the prevention of any chronic disease process.  Luis Pasteur said- “the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

The aging process is caused by the breakdown of cells exceeding the bodies’ capacity to repair the damage. In childhood our bodies are going through a rapid process of growth and restructuring hopefully with few stressors.  As the enzymes necessary to create this growth are used up we move into adulthood.  In adulthood the nutrients we take in are meant to sustain, however as adults we increase stress on the body including children, work, pollution, nutrient depleted foods etc. This means that the ratio of damage to repair begins to change places in the greater scheme of the life cycle of the body.

Everyone has abnormal mutations in their genes that create cancer cells.  For most people this is estimated to happen between 5 and 10 times in every lifetime.  If the body is healthy and the system is well nourished with minimal stress then the body will correct the mutation and the cancer cell will not take hold.  If the system is distracted by too many stressors that is when cancer has a chance to take hold and grow.

Preventive, or anti-aging medicine, uses this concept to optimize the terrain so that cancer and other chronic diseases cannot make a home.  Bathing the cells in nutrients, removing toxic buildup, eliminating inflammatory foods, and learning to manage stress are all part of cultivating this terrain of health.

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By Dr. Michele Raithel, ND