Prostate, Blood Pressure and Heart Issues

May 18, 2017

“I don´t write testimonial letters very often, actually hardly ever. With the results I have been seeing through your guidance, I feel it is well worth my time to sit down and write this letter to you. As you know I was in pretty rough shape when I came to you with prostate, blood pressure and heart issues. I was having horrible side effects to my regular medications and my diet wasn´t the greatest. I was so disappointed and angry with western medicine and all their drugs that I felt I had no other choice than to try Naturopathic medicine. I consider myself very lucky to have found someone as good as you. Through your natural supplements, diet and exercise program I feel so much better now compared to what I felt like 5 months ago when I first entered your office. My energy level is higher, my blood pressure has dropped considerably into a now healthy range and overall I just feel better. I´m most excited about all the traditional western medicines (and the nasty side effects that went with them) I´ve been able to eliminate due to your help. I know we still have a ways to go, but I just want to thank you for getting me on the right path to good health and for all your encouragement.”*