May 18, 2017

“Finding Dr. Brinkley at Revolutions Naturopathic has given me my life back. I suffered migraines for 12 years before finally finding a doctor who wanted to find the cause rather than write me a prescription. I was referred to Dr. Brinkley by a friend who had great success. Naturally I was hesitant to go to another doctor, so I held onto her card for almost 2 months before finally calling. My migraines reached the point where no amount of prescriptions would even touch the pain. I couldn’t live my life; a migraine was always in the way. As soon as I met Dr. Brinkley I knew my life would change. She listened to my story and even took notes! After running a blood test on me she luckily found a trigger, gluten! I had no idea it could affect me in such a way. Dr. Brinkley recommended I stay away from gluten and see a chiropractor for my neck, due to how I said my migraines felt. At my 30 day checkup I already felt like a new person. The chiropractor found a problem immediately, and not eating gluten I could feel that I had more energy. Since finding Dr. Brinkley I am now able to have a life without worrying about migraines, I am so thankful that Dr. Brinkley was able to help me and give me my life back.”*