Migraines and Low Energy

May 18, 2017

“For years I battled migraines. I was in bed 2-3 days each month as a result. I also, for the last two years, had no energy, brain fog; felt depressed and had gained weight although my eating habits had not changed. I was miserable!

Thanks to the amazing people at Revolutions my life was changed, although not immediately. My cortisol levels were low. After 3 months on a tincture and several supplements, things began to change. I felt like I had turned a corner. I had more energy, I felt I could think clearly and the weight began to disappear. I lost 15 pounds by the end of 6 months which is amazing, as I’m only 5’1″. Most importantly, the monthly migraines reduced to mere dull headaches, occasionally and mostly now I have no headaches during my cycle. I am deeply grateful for the life changing help I have received here. I tell everyone about Revolutions!

Thank you! As a mom of 2 my family is grateful to have me back in the game!”*