Joint Pain and Weight Loss

May 18, 2017

“I came to Dr. Way for help with weight, joint pain and overall low energy and have noticed major improvements by correcting my diet, detoxification, and improving gut health. His thorough working knowledge of the body and interrelated systems has helped so much in tracking down and helping me to change much needed things. I’ve done so much over the years; diet, nutrition, supplements, hormone replacement therapy, on and on and nothing had big or lasting results. With Dr. Way’s help we’ve targeted a number of these things and more, not separately but together and it is working! Finally, I have some answers and a plan. I’ve lost 20 lbs and continue to lose slowly but consistently. My energy and joint pain are much improved, so much better! My hypothyroidism seems to be improving and I’ve already cut back on my medication which will continue to be monitored and hopefully not needed in the future. I definitely have more stamina and energy, move more fluidly and I feel better overall which is the best of all. I’m continuing with my program and hope and assume I will continue with more good results. Thank you, Dr. Way!”*