Dr. Raithel has made a huge, positive impact in my life!

August 23, 2017

I had just spent 1 week in the ICU. When I returned home I had lost 20% of my body weight and was very, very weak and depressed. My entire family was flying to Europe in 10 days for my Husband and I to renew our marriage vows. I was referred to Dr. Raithel and Revolutions. After reviewing my medical records and seeing the condition I was in, they work hard to squeeze me into their very busy schedule. Dr. Raithel put together an IV of vitamins and minerals which got me on my feet and on to Scotland. She suggested I come back when I returned, she looked over my medical records and said “I think I can help you.”

Well, I made the trip and even hiked King Arthur’s Seat, a little mountain in Edinburgh! When I returned Dr. Raithel introduced me to Neural Prolotherapy. I have had horrifying nerve pain in my neck and back for years. Numerous epidurals and nerve blocks offered no relief. I was so comfortable with Dr. Raithel, that I decided to put my treatment with one of the best pain doctors in Sacramento on hold.

It took a couple of months, but I am so grateful I did!  A couple of months is nothing when you are in constant pain. I have not felt this good in years!!! It was crazy when I have my first pain free week, I just could not believe it. I kept waiting for it to come back on super strong but nothing, I am on my way to healing and making my life whole again!

I am so grateful for Dr. Raithel.

Thank you for giving me back my very active life!!*

Much Love,