Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

In celebration of National Physical Therapy month, I would like to send everyone a small but valuable reminder for muscular skeletal health. Chiropractors can be vital team members in your care in conjunction with our naturopathic doctors. The injuries that occur with sport, occupational or everyday life accidents can result in persistent pain that often does not include broken bones.

Shortcomings of Conventional Care

Let’s discuss a common scenario. A trip over uneven pavement or an overzealous hike could land you in the ER in excruciating pain. Was this a serious injury? At this point, a simple x-ray is usually the course of action. If a broken bone is not revealed, you are sent home with a prescription for pain pills.

This is a standard step in conventional medicine. And you know what? It often overlooks the potential of therapeutic agents that are not typically taught in conventional medical school training. In this interval of space is the possibility of physical therapy, chiropractic care and prolotherapy. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are popularly known for rehabilitation, but prolotherapy’s strong effect is not so well known.

A Synergistic Approach

Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment that can support ligaments and tendons while creating more joint stability. Pairing up chiropractic care and prolotherapy can be additionally beneficial. Realigning the anatomy to the correct position will make the placement of the prolotherapy agent more accurate. It is not always necessary to combine the two, but it is a demonstration of how these non-surgical approaches can work synergistically. Instead of masking pain with medication, this collaborative approach can provide real, and sometimes dramatic, healing.

Getting Help

Our website provides more detailed information on this therapy, as does www.GetProlo.com. Interested in more information or screening as a candidate for treatment? New patients to our office can schedule a free 15 minute coordination meeting. Already established with Revolutions? Call or email our office to set up a quick phone call with your doctor. They will guide you with determining the best first step in addressing your pain. You should not “just deal with it.”