Got bloating?

Bloated stomachs

Have you ever thought you looked 6 months pregnant by the end of the day when you had a flat stomach in the morning? Or feel like sometimes your belly is as tight as a drum and you are not sure why? Bloating is an uncomfortable symptom of many different conditions, and it can really ruin your day. It affects your ability to be present for your family and friends, to concentrate on your work, to feel comfortable in your body and to fit into your favorite pair of pants! 

There are many reasons your belly might blow up like a balloon including food sensitivities, poor digestion, an imbalance of your gut flora, and other more concerning conditions as well. Bloating is not something that we should just get used to living with, it should not become your new normal. Whether you would benefit from a change in your diet, some digestive support, treatment of a GI infection or evaluation for a more serious condition like ovarian cancer, telling your doctor that you have abdominal bloating can lead to a huge improvement in your quality of life. 

When you see a naturopathic doctor, they will always consider a holistic picture of your health and consider all your symptoms when making testing and treatment decisions. For abdominal bloating, we may consider tests for food sensitivities, GI infections including SIBO, H. pylori and parasites or hormone testing; sometimes imaging is also needed to help with diagnosis. Once we figure out what is causing the bloating, we can treat you appropriately.

My favorite thing to treat is digestive disorders. We now know that there is a huge connection between our gut and our brain health, so a good mood may start in the gut. Food is also one way we connect with others and create community. When you are uncomfortable or food makes you feel bad, you cannot fully participate in life! Seeing my patients become more comfortable in their bodies, improve their mood and take charge of what they put in their bodies is why I enjoy this work so much. If you are struggling with digestion issues or gastrointestinal discomfort, come get evaluated today and feel better sooner. Don’t accept discomfort as the new normal – it doesn’t have to be!