Dr. Brinkley's Maternity Leave

As many of you know, I am expecting my first child to arrive sometime in late January/early February 2016.  So far my pregnancy has been happy and uneventful. And, because this is the next question everyone asks: We have chosen not to know the gender, we will find out the day he or she is born.

I am very excited about this transition into motherhood and my upcoming maternity leave. Of course as a result, I am going to be out of the office from late January to May 2016 and I want my patients to know that I will have the fabulous Dr. Alberts covering for me while I am settling into being a mom.  I will also have the support of the other doctors in our Revolutions team as concerns arise.

As of late November 2015, I have had Dr. Alberts shadowing me in the office so that she can familiarize herself with all my lovely patients before I leave. If you would prefer not to have her sit in on your appointment just let me know when I walk you back, she won’t be offended.

I wish you all a happy and healthy Holiday season. See you on the other side.