Anti-Aging Medicine for Men

When most men hear ‘anti aging’, they think of face lifts and plastic surgery.  Anti-Aging for men is more subtle.

My discussions around aging usually start with a gentleman coming to me because they are training for their latest marathon and they just keep hitting an early plateau.  They can’t pull an all nighter as easily as they used to.  They keep having small aches and pains and injuries from activities that were no problem before.  They “can’t last as long” in the endurance activity of choice (wink).  These are all small indicators that the male body is aging.

Everyone ages and everyone dies.  The question you should be asking is “Do I want to be out of the race before I even hit the finish line?”.  The body is like a race car, it needs a tire change after so many laps if it doesn’t want to crash and burn.

If you want to stay in the race (and continue leading the pack) investing in the regenerative therapies that slow down and reverse the aging process can do that.  From Hormone Replacement to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and major Autohemotherapy, Revolutions Naturopathic is the pit crew that can keep you at the head of the pack!.

For a free 15 minute coordination meeting to discuss the extensive testing we can do to predict when you need a tune-up, give our office a call at 916-351-9355.

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