Real Results with StemVive Biological Allografts with Stem Cells

I am thrilled to share with you some of the wonderful results I have been seeing using StemVive from Utah Cord Bank. While much of the feedback I’m getting is based on improvement in quality of life and ability to do more activity, I love seeing obvious results from comparison imaging. This patient of mine is extremely pleased with her results and I wanted to share with you the before and after x-rays. Thank you “DC” for helping pay it forward and allowing me to share your study images so others can have hope themselves.

As you see from the before and after images, the joint space has improved, as have the osteophytes and arthritic changes after only one treatment of Biological Allografts with stem cells and platelet rich plasma. “DC” is reporting 80% decrease in pain and when she does “overdo” it, she doesn’t suffer for nearly as long as a consequence. Thank you, “DC”, for allowing me to participate in improving your health and quality of life.