Peptide Therapy

What is Peptide Therapy?

Peptides are the newly emerging science of cell signaling amino acid sequences, with far-reaching regulatory and rejuvenation actions on neuro-endocrine, metabolic and immune system function.

The specifically targeted use of peptides has the potential to rewrite bodily chemistry relationships within the cell, affecting its metabolic processes, how it adapts to stress, its ability to replicate in a healthy fashion, and ultimately generate a restorative trend towards anabolism and homeostasis… or more simply, it encourages healthy and appropriate cellular behavior.

What can Peptide Therapy be used to treat?

With over 7,000 peptides naturally identified and more coming each day, the growth and scope of Peptide Therapy is endless.

Peptides can be used to treat chronic disease, infection, Lyme disease, cancer, dementia, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Peptides can also be utilized and applied in the treatment of injuries, with capabilities that help prevent aging, illness, and enhance peak performance.

HERE IS A BRIEF VIDEO of an introduction to Peptide Therapy, and the outstanding faculty that I spent time with this past week in the A4M’s (American Academy of Anti-Aging) Peptide Certification Course.