Diabetes and Vitamin C

Studies have shown that patients with type II diabetes have increased nutrient demands and one of the nutrients consistently shown to be lower in diabetics is vitamin C.   Without the necessary nutrients to help our cells work properly, along with an already compromised metabolism, diabetes can easily spiral out of control.   The good news is that there are many ways we can help our bodies to function properly.

In a recent study published in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, researchers demonstrated that patients who have type II diabetes experienced improved blood sugar control AND decreased blood pressure after 4 months of vitamin C supplementation as compared to placebo. This is very similar to a 2011 study which found greater improvement in fasting and post-meal blood sugar and HbA1c levels when oral vitamin C was combined with metformin, a common anti-diabetic drug, compared to metformin on its own.  

This same 2011 study also measured serum vitamin C levels in these patients and found that their levels were lower compared to patients without diabetes. Fortunately, oral supplementation of vitamin C was found to effectively increase patient vitamin C levels. Being able to raise vitamin C levels orally is important because low levels of serum vitamin C were closely associated with type II diabetic retinopathy, renal dysfunction and low-grade inflammation. If you are interested in learning about more options on how to lower blood sugar levels safely and effectively, please contact our office to schedule a visit.

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