2019 Environmental Health Symposium: The Solution to Chronic Disease

The 3rd annual Environmental Health Symposium was held April 12-14, 2019 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The topic this year was “The Solution to Chronic Diseases” and focused on how environmentally disrupting compounds we are exposed to everyday are contributing to most of the common chronic conditions we see on a daily basis: obesity, thyroid problems, infertility, low testosterone, diabetes, fatty liver disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), neurological problems, etc. Unfortunately, one of the leaders of environmental medicine and a cofounder of the Symposium, Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND passed away shortly before the conference. Having attended last year’s conference and listened to many of his webinars, his absence was very noticeable. However, it was great to see the call by so many of his friends and colleagues for other health care practitioners to step up and help our patients and our communities become aware of the importance of environmental medicine.

In the above picture, I am with Al Czap, the founder of Thorne Research and Tesseract and one of Dr. Crinnion’s good friends. Al helped us all remember Dr. Crinnion by donating t-shirts that recognize Dr. Crinnion’s energy for helping not only patients, but our world, become a safer and healthier place. I encourage you to learn more about endocrine disruptors at https://www.ewg.org/research/dirty-dozen-list-endocrine-disruptors. Of course, all of our doctors at Revolutions are thoroughly trained in environmental medicine and how to maximize detoxification pathways if you are interested in learning more about what you can do.