Ultrasound Guided Injection Therapies

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy have been a large part of my practice for many years.  I believe that play is one of the most important elements of lifestyle for maintaining health.   When play is impaired by pain, quality of life is diminished.  I have had great success with prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma therapy and I enjoy watching people progress and improve their physical strength and decrease pain levels.  With ultrasound guidance I am finding that this work is even more precise with less post-treatment discomfort, more exact injection placement, and patients love watching the monitor as well.  There is a feeling of accomplishment for both myself and the patient when the sight of the structure is on the screen and you can see the injection fluid go right to the spot that needs to be treated.  For more information about ultrasound guided injection therapy call 916-351-9355.

Dr. Michele Raithel, ND