Trying to Avoid the Flu? You Have Options!

Did you know that the flu season is technically from October until May? However, the most active time for flu illness is from November to February.

Most people are familiar with its occurrence during this popular time so it is usually addressed in two different fashions. The first is a gentle but persistent reminder to get a flu vaccine after every pharmacy visit, phone call or drug commercial on television. The second option is for those who refuse to inject any foreign substances and use natural therapies only. Both can be effective but the emphasis here is that you have options.

Influenza is a virus that causes symptoms from cough and fatigue to fever and body aches. It is usually more severe than a cold and it can take someone anywhere from 1-3 weeks to completely recover. The body takes a little longer to discover it because it is smaller than bacteria and it has sneakier mechanisms to camouflage itself.
Every year the CDC decides which flu strains are likely to cause the most trouble, and then will manufacture vaccines with those strains. With the administration of a vaccine, these virus-causing strains are killed and isolated into the injection. This causes the body to make antibodies against the flu virus as a defense after an exposure.

This year, vaccines are administered as either a 4-strain or 3-strain carrier. This means that you will be protected against 1 or 2 B viruses. Some of the drawbacks reported from receiving those vaccines include people becoming ill after receiving them or experiencing allergic reactions due to the vaccine’s egg component. In other incidences, people will report that they have contracted the flu even after receiving the vaccine. Despite reports of the effectiveness of staving off the flu with the vaccine, there are many who claim that it does not provide protection.

All is not lost because there are ways to prevent being attacked by the virus. One of the easiest and best ways to prevent falling ill to the flu is to wash your hands often. This seems like a very simplistic tip but it works remarkably well. The influenza virus is very contagious and can be spread through the air and on surfaces. Since we are such an interactive society, the ability to transmit viruses and bacteria across surfaces is extremely easy. With that said, think about how often you touch door knobs, cell phones, desks, counter surfaces, portable tech tools, writing utensils, etc.

Another way to decrease your chances of contracting the virus is to get adequate sleep at night. There are ‘worker bees’ in your body that are active at night. That confers that there are biological mechanisms that occur in the body 24/7 to keep it healthy and in balance.

Naturopathic medicine also offers services such as prescribing high nutrient IV’s and formulated nutrient injections. We now offer a menu of B12 injections that you can receive without being seen by one of our doctors. Just simply visit one of our locations (we now have locations in both Folsom and Roseville) and ask about our Vitamin B12 Nutrient Shots. You can come into either location Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm on a drop-in basis, so no appointment is needed. This is a convenient way to look at what fits your needs on your own time. There are over 20 formulated combinations available which you can see on our website at

These tips – without the vaccine – have been very effective for both myself as well as my patients.

Happy Holidays!