Treatment for pain that migrates from the low back to the hip to the groin

I was in a kayaking accident years ago that left me with pain that I just couldn’t figure out.  CT scans, MRI’s and ultrasound found no pathology.  I treated myself locally with no relief.  Then I went to another skills update with one of my mentors, Dr. Frank Schallenberger, and was reminded of a nerve that I hadn’t heard since anatomy class in medical school.  It is called Maigne’s nerve and it set off a light bulb in my head!!

This nerve sends sensation from the lowermost thoracic spine to the lower back, the side of the hip, and the groin.  Fortunately for me I was not only able to learn Dr. Schallenbergers technique for treating this problem but I also got to be a demonstration model!  Immediately as I was being injected the pain on the side of my hip flared and subsided (I spent 1 year treating it as greater trochanteric bursitis with no relief!!)  Dr. Schallenberger repositioned the injection and the pain in my groin flared and subsided (I spent 2 years trying to figure out why I couldn’t find my labrum tear on the ultrasound machine!!). With the final repositioning of the injection the pain in my hip flared and subsided (I had one orthopedic surgeon try to convince me that I needed nerve ablation or to remove my sacroiliac ligaments!!).  Dr. Schallenberger explained that I would probably need 2 more treatments for permanent relief but for now 1 week later I am still pain free and thrilled to have found the root cause of my pain like the doctrines of naturopathic medicine say.  Personal experience is always the best teacher and I am here to assess whether or not this treatment can be effective for you.