Toxins That Hurt Your Prostate

As men, one of our main concerns as we age becomes our prostate – which can be the site of problems as unpleasant as BPH leading to urination problems to much more serious and concerning prostate cancer. There are commonly overlooked chemicals that can directly affect the prostate, and through it our health and well-being.

Cadmium – A heavy metal that is common in tobacco leaves. In studies it’s caused lesions on the prostate in animals. In humans studies it has been found those who smoke have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Pesticides – Large studies have found heavy correlations and implications with anyone who works directly with pesticides and prostate cancer. Those with the highest risk are farmers who are applying pesticides. Many of the specific pesticides implicated in prostate cancer are those commonly used on produce. This is just another reason to eat organic as much as possible.

PCB’s – An industrial toxin that has been banned for over thirty years. Unfortunately it is extremely persistent and has invaded the food chain. Most common sources of PCBs are animal fats, specifically certain fish. High exposures to this chemical is linked with prostate cancer and other serious health concerns.

BPA – Most of us have heard about BPA by now, and its estrogenic activity isn’t the only reason to avoid it. Even low exposures are connected with prostate changes, DNA damage and potential formation of lesions. Even more disturbing is that it’s been shown to disrupt prostate cancer therapies.

When addressing prostate health we can’t overlook the impact of chemical exposures. These are four toxins that are well studied, and while we’re learning more and more every day there are still many other chemicals with potential effects on the prostate as well as our health overall.

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