Caring Scientists

“The doctors at Revolutions Naturopathic truly are caring scientists who want you to the live the healthiest you.  If you have doubts, I can attest to the fact that the science behind naturopathic medicine is real and has significantly impacted the quality of my life.  These doctors give you additional tools in your health toolbox if you are willing to do the work towards your personal wellness.  Thank you, Revolutions, for your care and solutions for us!”*

T.B. El Dorado Hills, CA

Enjoying hikes again!

“I wanted to thank you for all your help with my knee.  I’m going to be moving up to Eureka this week for work, but I’ll surely be hitting the trails up there and I’ll actually be able to enjoy it now! 

Thanks again!”*

S.C. Loomis, CA

SLAP tear completely healed without surgery!!

“I went into Revolutions Naturopathic and saw Dr. Michele Raithel. She made my day! I no longer have a SLAP tear! After just over two months under her care and going through two injections of Prolotherapy, my tear is completely gone. 

I work for the state and have Kaiser for medical insurance. I was referred to a bunch of specialists and had two MRIs. I was told it would be surgery or nothing. They recommended nothing, and that in time it would heal but maybe not completely. So, after 3 months of very little improvement, if any, I was talking to a workout friend who told me his wife, Dr. Michele Raithel, could help me out and to make an appointment. 

I made an appointment with Dr. Raithel and she explained my SLAP tear and showed me the reasons why I couldn’t lift my arm correctly. She preformed a ultrasound on my shoulder area and found a tear about the size of a quarter. Not knowing exactly what that meant, she explained that for a person of my stature, a common size tear would be the size of a pencil eraser. Well that isn’t what I wanted to hear. That’s BIG! She explained that prolotherapy was an option for me and I agreed to have the treatment. 

The first injection was an uncomfortable amount of pressure, but overall it was not bad and it was quick. The next day – wow – my shoulder was extremely stiff and sore. Like, don’t touch me! I followed her instructions and by the second day after the prolotherapy the pressure and pain from the injection were much better, almost gone. 

A month later, I went back for my second injection of prolotherapy. She did another ultrasound and the tear went from a quarter to a dime size. Wahoo progress! 

Recently, just over 2 months from the initial injection, I went in for another ultrasound to see what the tear looked like and if I can work out again. The tear is completely gone! WOW, I couldn’t get the smile off my face! No cutting, only 2 injections, and I am completely healed in 2 months due to prolotherapy injections. 

I am so grateful for my friend and her knowledge. She truly cares for her patients. Thank you, Dr. Michele!”*

CS Folsom, CA

Hidden Histamine Overload

“Revolutions diagnosed and treated problems caused by a spider bite. Revolutions did the diagnostic work to discover Histamine Overload. I saw four doctors trying to fix my problem. I was told it was dry eyes, blepharitis and overworked eyes . Turned out (thank you Revolutions) it was Histamine Overload. My life has been restored. Additionally they were able to help me with my immune system in life saving ways. FYI they have the best blood draws in the city!!!! Thank you so much for keeping me alive. I am not exaggerating. Revolutions Naturopathic can help with hard to diagnose and serious health issues.”*

T.M. Roseville, CA

Regaining youth through insufflation

“I used the auto-heme procedure with good success however at once a week I found that wasn’t enough. With rectal insufflation, I was able to use ozone on a daily basis. My energy level was fantastic after daily treatments. I felt normal again, and began engaging in past hobbies and interests. I still use chelation once a week, but the ozone insufflation is amazing in terms of energy and a feeling of well-being. A great side effect for a senior male is the ability to pee like a racehorse again.”*

J.R. Marysville, CA

Stopping the Downward Spiral

“I came into Revolutions Naturopathic feeling absolutely crummy and really desperate to feel better. I was in the middle of a very stressful time and I knew that if I didn’t make an effort to counteract the effects of that stress I would never get out of what I saw was a spiral downward.

Michele Raithel took an immense amount of time with me really listening to all the issues I brought up and then analyzed my tests in a way that I had never seen before. Dr. Raithel’s understanding of my situation was spot on and her recommendations for supplements and lifestyle changes resulted in my feeling better almost immediately.

After about two weeks on Dr. Raithel’s program I felt like I had experienced a real change – both in energy and in outlook. Then after about 4 months I was feeling 100% back to my old self! Now I’m on a maintenance plan with her and I know that if any issues do arise Dr. Raithel will nip them in the bud immediately.

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend Revolutions to anyone who either knows deep down that something isn’t right, or like me is aware that their health is declinging. Michele Raithel will get you right back on the right track to health and healing for that energetic, fulfilling life we all long for.”*

A.L. San Anselmo, CA

Dr. Raithel has made a huge, positive impact in my life!

I had just spent 1 week in the ICU. When I returned home I had lost 20% of my body weight and was very, very weak and depressed. My entire family was flying to Europe in 10 days for my Husband and I to renew our marriage vows. I was referred to Dr. Raithel and Revolutions. After reviewing my medical records and seeing the condition I was in, they work hard to squeeze me into their very busy schedule. Dr. Raithel put together an IV of vitamins and minerals which got me on my feet and on to Scotland. She suggested I come back when I returned, she looked over my medical records and said “I think I can help you.”

Well, I made the trip and even hiked King Arthur’s Seat, a little mountain in Edinburgh! When I returned Dr. Raithel introduced me to Neural Prolotherapy. I have had horrifying nerve pain in my neck and back for years. Numerous epidurals and nerve blocks offered no relief. I was so comfortable with Dr. Raithel, that I decided to put my treatment with one of the best pain doctors in Sacramento on hold.

It took a couple of months, but I am so grateful I did!  A couple of months is nothing when you are in constant pain. I have not felt this good in years!!! It was crazy when I have my first pain free week, I just could not believe it. I kept waiting for it to come back on super strong but nothing, I am on my way to healing and making my life whole again!

I am so grateful for Dr. Raithel.

Thank you for giving me back my very active life!!*

Much Love,

D.G. Fair Oaks, CA

Plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and high cholesterol

“I am not one that typically writes a testimonial but I have had such positive results with Dr. Raithel at Revolutions Naturopathic that I really need to tell people. I am 57 years old and had been struggling with plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and high cholesterol. I also suspected I had food allergies and there was a possibility of metal toxicity based on my hobbies and work environment. In January of 2012, Dr. Raithel recommended addressing the possible toxicity after addressing some of the more immediate and painful issues. After 3 months, I was feeling remarkably better with more energy and far less pain in my feet, so I was tested for heavy metal toxicity. As it turns out, I had severely toxic levels of lead and mercury. I immediately underwent chelating therapy. After 4 months, my memory is far better, the carpal tunnel problems have disappeared, I have more energy and a better outlook on life. I went from not being able to hold a pencil for more than 20 minutes in March, to holding one for several hours in August without discomfort. I still have a ways to go before I reach normal exposure levels, but I look forward to each treatment because the benefits I have already experienced have proven to me this is a treatment that works.”*

L.W. Orangevale, CA

Shoulder Injury

“I am a professional Dressage rider. As an athlete, my body is my livelihood. When I had a muscle injury in my shoulder only 6 weeks before the state championship I thought that I would not be fit to compete. My pain level was so great that I could barely lift my arm, let alone ride a horse. However, after only 2 treatments of prolotherapy by Dr. Raithel I was training pain free before the competition. Dr. Raithel has a profound understanding of the body’s mechanics and ability to locate the root of pain. She was able to eliminate pain in a scarred area of my back that had been bothering me for over a year. Because of her treatment I was able to place 4th in 2 of my divisions on the state level in my sport. Thank you, Dr. Raithel and Revolutions Naturopathic.”*

A.M. Mount Aukum, CA


“I am a 57 year old woman who has had Lupus for 27 years. During this time, I have seen many doctors and been on various medications. My symptoms have never gone away and in the last 2 years things for me have gotten worse. I developed symptoms of periodic paralysis. I was admitted into the hospital 3 times where they ran MRI, CT, blood test, and found nothing. I became very frustrated with the doctors I was seeing, so I decided to try a Naturopathic doctor. I researched on the internet and found Dr. Raithel and made an appointment. From my first appointment I was very impressed on her knowledge of Lupus and Fibromyalgia. She took all my information and set me up with a vitamin regimen and ran urine and blood tests. I started seeing her 2 times a week for treatment and the paralysis eventually went away. My energy level has improved and my Lupus symptoms went away also. My family and friends have noticed how great I have been feeling and how healthy I look.

I am so happy that I found Dr. Raithel and she has been able to help me. She is a life savior for me and I am very thankful.”*

E.S. Lincoln, CA

Sciatica Pain and Prolotherapy

“In Sacramento it has been difficult to find a doctor who practices prolotherapy. When I felt the sciatica pain on the tennis court, I knew I had to find a good prolotherapy doctor. I have had experience with four doctors over the years who had special training in prolotherapy. After a car accident, two specialist docs with Kaiser said I had to have surgery to fix my left shoulder. Prior to the surgery, I found out about a doc in Oakland who practices prolo. After four treatments in Oakland I could move my arm over my head and after eight treatments I could lift a 20 pound weight out to my left side. I became a believer in prolo, although the long travel time made the experience very inconvenient. When I hurt my back in Ashland, I found a doc there who practices prolo and after a few treatments felt much better. After lifting too much weight in a gym locally, I again needed either prolo or surgery for my right shoulder. This time I found a Kaiser doc who limited his practice to shoulders and knees and used prolo. After eight treatments, my shoulder was back stronger than before. A fourth doc, who worked in sports medicine, helped me with another back issue I had. Unfortunately, he moved his practice. I give you the above brief background to demonstrate that I am not new to prolo and have had some experience with this medical technique and various docs who apply this procedure.

After I felt the sciatica pain, I tried chiropractic care first with several visits – absolutely no help. Then I found you and your clinic. After your first prolotherapy treatment, my sciatica pain had measurably improved. The second treatment offered significant improvement. After the fourth treatment, I was 90% better. You are very skilled with prolotherapy and I very much appreciate your skill and local availability. Sacramento is fortunate to have you and your practice in our community. Your application of prolotherapy and PRP brings a prudent option to many people in our community who injure themselves and desire non-surgical procedures to fix their problems. Thank you for your skill and availability.”*

D.B. Carmichael, CA

Pain and Prolotherapy

“I just wanted to take some time to thank the staff and Dr. Raithel at Revolutions Naturopathic for treating my injury. I am a 31 year old police officer that leads a very active life. I weight train approximately five days a week, run between 10 and 15 miles per week, and play semi-professional football. I have always kept myself in shape and bounced back from injuries quickly due to a high level of fitness. In October of 2011, I started experiencing pain in my upper right leg and in the lower right portion of my abdominal muscles. One evening the pain got bad enough that I went to the Emergency Room. The doctors were unable to determine the cause of my pain and I continued searching for answers. I saw seven doctors who were unable to determine the cause of my pain. I tried physical therapy, but it did not seem to help. I rested for over six weeks and that did not help. I had a surgeon try to talk me into surgery, but he did not seem sure it would help. Then I found Revolutions Naturopathic and Dr. Raithel.

When I met Dr. Raithel she talked with me about my history, the history of my specific injury and the benefits of prolotherapy. I was sure I did not want to have surgery if it could be avoided and Dr. Raithel told me she thought the prolotherapy would help. I have since seen Dr. Raithel twice for prolotherapy and cold laser treatments to heal the pain in my lower abdominal muscles and upper leg muscles. The treatments have helped greatly, I have not missed any football games, have not missed any work, and have continued to run and lift weights. The prolotherapy treatments are quick and the results were almost immediate. The pain I was experiencing has subsided greatly and I am able to do the things I enjoy with little or no discomfort. I have recommended Dr. Raithel and prolotherapy to my friends, my teammates and my coworkers.”*

W.R. Fairfield, CA

Anemia and Pnuemonia

“While visiting me from Southern California my mom, age 84, was not feeling well. My husband suggested a Naturopathic Doctor on Blue Ravine Road in Folsom. I called Revolutions Naturopathic. We saw Raithel and had a free 15 minute consultation. We made an appointment for the following Tuesday. But on Sunday my mom was admitted to the hospital with severe anemia. Two days after being released she went back to the hospital with suspected pneumonia. So, after two visits to the hospital, three units of blood and two rounds of antibiotics she still felt crummy. We rescheduled with Dr. Raithel on Friday. It was very apparent that she had ACTUALLY read the pre-appointment history questionnaire. Most doctors make you fill out several pages of information and then ask you the same questions all over again. She sent my mom home with a few herbs to mix in water and drink. Within less than 24 hours my mom felt a LOT better! I was shocked at how quickly she felt better.

The following Monday she went back to see Dr. Raithel for a mixture of vitamins and minerals that she received through an IV. Dr. Raithel and her staff were very attentive to my mom. There was someone with her during the entire procedure and several times asked her how she feeling. My mom has told me “I feel she (Dr. Raithel) saved my life” and “I didn´t think I was going to leave your house, I felt so bad I had given up”. Dr. Raithel is very kind and patient. She listened to my mom, something some doctors don´t do with an 84 year old patient. Dr. Raithel also spoke directly to my mom, not me as some doctors have done. Dr. Raithel is very professional and knowledgeable. She has a down to earth approachable personality. I highly recommend her and her staff. Revolutions Naturopathic is a wonderful refreshing alternative to traditional medicine.”*

C.F. Rancho Murieta, CA

Dislocated Shoulder

“I dislocated my shoulder and had continuing pain in that area. Exercise was painful and I could not fully complete workouts. After a number of treatments with Dr. Raithel, I was able to fully complete workouts and even start increasing weight lifting with no pain. It still amazes me how much her treatments worked!”*

M.G. Folsom, CA

IV Chelation

“In 1996 I learned that I had a blockage in the “lad” in my heart. The doctor advised an angiogram and then subsequently angioplasty and a stent. A year later he advised a triple bypass. I was bothered by the diagnosis and the rapid advancement of the disease and so I looked for further information and advice. Dr. Luis Pacini, MD had very different ideas, but they appealed to me because he said that reversal of the disease was possible under certain conditions. I could skip the bypass… The other doctors at the time said that heart disease was progressive and not reversible. Dr. Pacini´s ideas were soon verified by the now well known Dr. Dean Ornish. I followed Dr. Pacini´s program and did indeed become better, but he later moved to Florida and I slowly fell back into old habits. In December of 2010 I found myself in the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack, but it turned out that I had taken too many aspirin. The doctor did advise “baby aspirin” but when I got flu-like symptoms I took more and this lead to a major blood loss. I stopped the aspirin and found that I was getting better, but the doctor strongly advised that I go back to the aspirin and even take a statin which was to be followed by another angiogram and probably angioplasty/stent. He said that if I had qualified for a bypass 15 years earlier, I certainly would still qualify. Three days later I was again getting angina. I was back in the position I had in 1997, but there was no “Pacini” in Stockton. By now there was an ocean of literature further substantiating the validity of the alternative program. Standard cardiology had not changed, and so I needed to find someone to help me through this.

That someone turned out to be Dr. Raithel, ND in Folsom, CA. She is one of the few practitioners who offer chelation as part of her set of services. The selection of Dr. Raithel turned out to be an excellent choice. It is now just two months later and the angina has almost totally disappeared! It is clear that heart disease is reversible and she is able to provide the professional assistance to achieve that goal. I know that I need to continue making the life-style changes necessary in order to make further advancement against the disease. But it is a great comfort to know that Dr. Raithel will be available to assist me when I need it. I can recommend Dr. Raithel to you without reservation. Please write to me if you would like to discuss more details: [e-mail may be obtained by contacting us at or 916-351-9355]. I will be happy to talk to anyone interested. It is my opinion that medical practice is going through a “paradigm shift.” More people need to learn about this and get the assistance from a professional like Dr. Raithel. Our lives depend on it!!!”*

J.Z., PhD Stockton, CA

Marriage of Traditional and Naturopathic Medicine

“My symptoms began on New Year´s Eve with what appeared to be an onset of the flu. Over the next six weeks I developed back and abdominal pain, leg pain, horrific, unrelenting nausea, mouth thrush and the inability to eat virtually anything. Despite multiple attempts at treatment and diagnoses, my problems only increased. Even after a midnight trip to the emergency room where they performed a CT scan, blood work and urinalysis, the mystery remained. My doctor concluded it must be viral and pronounced that I would feel much better in three to five days. On the fifth day a friend, noting my continual decline both physically and emotionally after now seven long weeks, recommended I take advantage of Dr. Raithel´s free consultation visit.

Dr. Raithel too was puzzled by my variety of symptoms but we both agreed that at this point I desperately needed systemic support. Over the next three weeks, several IV infusions and multiple supplements, all of my ´viral´ symptoms had disappeared and except for the pain that continued in my back and abdomen I felt better than I had in quite a long time. Because my symptoms were now extremely localized and specific, my medical doctor was able to pinpoint the correct diagnosis: a ruptured disk in my mid back. Appropriate treatment has commenced and I am on the road to full recovery. I have no doubt that had it not been for Dr. Raithel´s commitment, technical skill and support, I would still be a miserable medical mystery. I also have no doubt that because Dr. Raithel gave my body a system-wide boost; I was in far better condition emotionally, to deal with the pain from the disk. In my case the marriage of traditional and naturopathic medical philosophies has produced results I could not have achieved with either separately.”*

C.M. Folsom, CA

Remodeling Toxicity

“I am so grateful that I found Revolutions Naturopathic! Last fall I started to have some very strange things happen to me that I had never experienced before. All of a sudden I had rashes all over my body and scalp (so bad that I was losing my hair!). My primary care physician simply handed me a prescription of steroid ointment to calm the rash and that wasn´t good enough for me. I wanted to know what the cause was to keep it from getting worse before I had no hair left! I thought the cause was food sensitivity at first (and so did Dr. Raithel) but after a process of elimination she helped me connect the dots to a reaction I was having from some of the remodeling work that we were doing in our home at the time and a buildup of heavy metals/toxins in my system. It was just too much for my liver and kidneys to keep up with so my body was detoxing through my skin! Thanks to Dr. Raithel I am in a good place now and am ready for my first haircut in months. I plan to come back for regular detoxification and also to bring my son in to see Dr. Larrow to help manage his ADHD. We are so lucky to have doctors like this available to us in our community and I really hope that this is the future of medicine.”*

W.M. Folsom, CA


“I was having a terrible time with pre-menopause and my mood swings, weight gain, and memory. My sister recommended that I find a naturopath. She and many of her girlfriends in the pacific northwest had gotten great results. I found Dr. Raithel on the internet in June of 2009 and she was the first to listen and understand all the problems I was having and reassured me that I was not “losing my mind”! I was exasperated by my medical doctors who had said that it was just stress and my age. Dr. Raithel worked up a very thorough exam and had a very different type of test done — not a blood test but a saliva test. It showed her so much more than a normal blood test would. She was able to get my chemistry back in line. My life with my husband and my performance at work improved! It is a process. Dr. Raithel and her team are thorough, loving, and truly committed to helping you live a full and complete life. They are passionate about my health and progress. I am now an advocate of naturopathy and full spectrum health care, thanks to Dr. Raithel and the team at Revolutions Naturopathic.”*

M.C. Orangevale, CA

Root Cause of Illness

“Coming to Revolutions Naturopathic was one of the best decisions of my life. When I first came here, I was in terrible shape. I felt nauseous every day, had no energy, and honestly felt like I was dying. I felt hopeless. “Traditional” doctors’ only solution was to give me pills to help ease the symptoms. I don´t want to ease the symptoms, I want them gone! Which is why I came to Dr. Raithel. Dr. Raithel changed my life. I can confidently say, without doubt, that she is the best at what she does, and I would recommend her to anybody. She has not only proven to me that she is an expert in her field, but genuinely cares about her patients and loves what she does. In the first few days of my treatment plan, I saw drastic improvements. In the next month–life changing. Get in here and see for yourself!”

J.S. El Dorado Hills, CA

Holistic Approach – Dry Skin, Sleep, Weight Loss, Alcohol Dependency

“My personal experience with Dr. Raithel was really kind of amazing. I have struggled with eczema my entire life. She remedied that with Omega 3 Fish Oils. I experienced immediate relief from itchy and flaky skin. Also my problem with dandruff improved to the point of being able to use regular store bought shampoo again. I also took Beta Blockers for blood pressure issues. With her combination of Natural Therapies, I am now free of blood pressure medications that I have taken daily for the last eight years. What a relief, knowing that my blood pressure could be controlled with natural products, as well as some good, old fashioned exercise, and making smart food choices. I do not “diet”, per se, but I have lost 92 pounds in the last 15 months. Additionally, I had been using alcohol in the evenings for falling asleep after a major car accident. I was very tense after the accident, so I started drinking enough to help me relax. However, as we all know, dependency sneaks up on you quickly, and when it does, eventually your body needs more alcohol as it builds up a tolerance for it. Dr. Raithel provided an “Alpha Wave Stimulator” treatment that relaxed me in a way I had not experienced before. She supplemented that with some natural sleep remedies. Since then, I no longer use alcohol as my primary means for sleep. How grateful I am to be away from that addictive substance! I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Raithel, for how wonderful you’ve helped me feel in such a short time!”*

R.A. Sacramento, CA

Tremors and IV Glutathione

“I have a unique medical history. One doctor always says, “Well, you are a complicated lady!” Another said, “You do have an interesting medical history!” Another one said, “I had already had a bad day. I´m not sure I can deal with the likes of you today.” I lead choirs, and when I developed a tremor in my left hand, I became discouraged. I felt that my days in music were over. My daughter, who is a veterinarian, had read in “The Better Brain Book” by David Perlmutter, that people were being treated successfully with intravenous glutathione. She told me to go online and look for an alternative medical doctor.

That is how I found Dr. Raithel at Revolutions Naturopathic, and I´m so glad that I did. Dr. Raithel even has a lot of experience in music and drama, so she was particularly empathetic with me — a plus I hadn´t counted on. When I handed her a four page long document that I keep on my computer with all of my past ailments, supplements I take, and a long, long list of allergies, she didn´t bat an eye. When I told her how I had been helped by Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, she smiled and told me she had studied with him. I knew I had found an advocate! I have found that in addition to being very knowledgeable where alternative medicine is concerned, she is indeed an advocate. I am getting help with my tremors, and I´m optimistic about getting help with all of my other weird ailments, too!”*

B.N. Rocklin, CA

Lots of Medicines and Still Didn’t Feel All That Wonderful

“Once in a great while something comes along that changes your life tremendously. For me, finding Dr. Raithel is one of those things. I thought I was a healthy person who just happened to take a lot of medicines and still didn’t feel all that wonderful. Dr. Raithel was able to determine the underlying cause of some health issues thus eliminating the need for some medicines, and she provided alternate, healthier ways to treat other health issues. I feel healthier and my skin has never felt better thanks to the supplements Dr. Raithel prescribed. I am happier not taking all the medications and I understand better what is going on in my body. Thanks Dr. Raithel!!!”*

A.K. Fair Oaks, CA

Severe strain in my back

“I am so grateful to have found Dr. Raithel. During our first session, she took the time to really get to know me and my individual needs instead of rushing through like so many other doctors do. I had a severe strain in my back at the time and after just one treatment, I was already feeling 50% better! Just one treatment! And after a few more treatments the pain was completely gone. I have never had an injury heal that quickly in my life. It was truly amazing. Now we have moved on to working on natural solutions to balance my blood sugar and my digestive system which is very exciting. I would definitely recommend Dr. Raithel to anyone who is ready to experience a healthier way of being.”*

M.J. Fair Oaks, CA

Digestive Issues

“My consultation with Dr. Raithel was very informative and she made me understand some of the underlying causes to some of my digestive issues. She was very easy to talk to and I was very comfortable speaking to her about my symptoms. I would sometimes feel bloated, had problems digesting certain foods, which made me constipated at times. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. We met one on one for several consultations and she recommended some multi vitamins & fish oils for overall health and wellbeing. She also prescribed some enzymes to help aid my digestion if I feel I need it after certain meals. She also has a very good knowledge of nutrition and what foods are good for you & can help you with diet as well.

All I can say is that I have noticed an overall improvement in regularity and my energy levels are much better throughout the day now that I take these vitamins. I believe the fish oils have helped too, I use to get quite a few hang nails and now I don’t. I have also noticed an overall improvement in the glow of my skin & have had a few compliments from friends how great my skin looks. It’s nice to know there are doctors out there that really listen to you & show you that there are alternative natural ways to improve yourself using natural products, as opposed to mainstream medicine.”*

K.P. London, England

Numbness and Pain

“On the 27th of December, I was suffering from a severe headache, plus my right arm and hand, and the right leg all were painful with numbness in the hand. This was the result of a stroke I had a few weeks before. Dr. Michele, who was visiting, offered to give me a treatment. In less than a half hour, I felt much relief from the pain. I was more relaxed and comfortable than I had been in days. I am 84 years old, and was amazed at the help she gave me. I have full confidence in her knowledge and practice.”*

M.R. Austin, TX

Migraines and Biopuncture

“My health became a huge concern in 2003 while I was living in the small town of Greensboro, NC. When I started having severe migraine headaches every 2 weeks, waking from sleep with them 99% of the time, I blamed it on the pollen season since they began in early spring. My symptoms started out with a heavy headed feeling, accelerated pressure behind my face and forehead, watery eyes and stuffy sinuses. As 2 to 4 hours went by, it would render me unable to work, and as the excruciating pain intensified, I ended up home in bed; that´s if I even made it out the door before the real intense pain began, which made me so nauseous I stuck close to the bathroom.

By the middle of spring I was getting them once a week, sometimes lasting only 4 hours but 6 to 8 hours became the norm. I was seeing a doctor at that point on a very fixed budget with a limited healthcare plan. The doctors experimented by putting me on a few different meds that did nothing. I finally received some relief from a controlled prescription drug called Maxalt that had some long term liver damaging affects. The cost or these tiny pills were $25.00 each and I paid cash so I could at least hold down my job when these episodes struck. I was thankful when I would get [the headaches] on weekends, but my relationship suffered many times as I became a prisoner to it and accepted it as a way of life. Since that time the migraines stayed with me on a regular basis until 2005 when we moved back to Michigan -—where we are originally from — for my work. The climate there is very damp 90% of the time. Within 2 years I was getting migraines 2 times a week and 90% of the time on the weekends.

I went to doctors there that all said that there was no cure for migraines and that I was already taking the best medication for it as he wrote out yet another prescription I could not afford. My work has now led me to Roseville, where I had planned to see someone with a fresh prospective on remedies for my symptoms. My wife had been studying nutrition and alternative therapies for 6 to 8 years at this point. She looked up doctors in the area with the right credentials and she found Dr. Raithel, ND. She asked me to trust that the results would be different this time since she had gained so much knowledge and passion for what ND´s could do. I immediately called and found a very positive voice on the other end of the phone at Dr. Raithel’s office. I came to her office with a positive and bright outlook, for it surely felt like a place I wanted to be at. I immediately took Dr. Raithel as a genuine, caring and passionate professional who wanted nothing more than to see her patients getting results while under her care. She was direct and to the point as she listened eagerly which I had never experienced before. She wanted to know everything she could know about my health history and beyond, caring for the person as a whole being where everything connects. She started me out on a Nasopure sinus wash immediately that visit and scheduled me for a Biopuncture treatment the following week. I trusted her on the spot as she took action.

The first treatment was everything she had explained with no surprises and it was painless and fast. I committed myself to her care and agreed to follow it to a tee. I took the Thorne Research MediClear cleansing program for nutritional support, allergies and detoxification as well. After my first Biopuncture treatment, I had the after effects, just as she had mentioned up front. It passed and was no worse than anything I hadn´t already experienced before coming here. The second week and treatment had some more intense side effects but yet it was still no worse than anything I hadn’t already experienced before. Now during this time I realized I was getting no migraines during my work week and also was bouncing with energy and I had a spring in my step like I hadn´t had since I could remember. We skipped the third Biopuncture treatment to let my body build back up and we continued the following week. I was having absolutely, for the first time in 8 years, experiencing no repeating migraines and I was ecstatic with the results; jumping with joy and promise for I have so much to thank Dr. Raithel for. I feel more confident with every passing day and I have a clear head and sinuses and amazing energy. I will continue my healthy eating, of course, because my life has been on hold for far too long to not appreciate all that this treatment has done for my confidence and well being. I will continue to tell my story to everyone and surely recommend Dr. Raithel to anyone seeking real genuine results.”*

R.M. Folsom, CA

Prolotherapy – Tendonitis

“I would like to personally thank Dr. Raithel. I had a bad bout with tendonitis that left me in pain for about 2 years. I had even switched to eating with my left hand because my right elbow hurt. I went in for a treatment this fall, and within days my elbow started doing better. Where cortisone shots failed me in the past, Dr. Raithel’s treatment made a definite improvement in my life. I can’t thank you enough.”*

S.B. Conrad, MT

Chronic Migraines

“I met Dr. Raithel last summer at the Folsom Thursday night market where she had a booth and she was advertising her services. We discussed my chronic migraines and she said she could get rid of them. That captivated me since I was on two different daily meds to keep the migraines from occurring and they weren’t completely successful. At my consultation, Dr. Michele reviewed my records, listened intently to my severe migraine pain stories, which kicked up very badly earlier in the year, and told me very confidently she could fix it. I then asked her what makes her different from the Neurologist that is treating me. She replied Western medicine treats the symptoms, usually with drugs, and Naturopaths treat the cause. Since I wasn’t having success with Western medicine, I felt my confidence grow exponentially as Dr. Raithel outlined her plan for me. After ten chelations, and following the diet and exercise protocols, I’m thrilled to be free of pain from migraines, I’m off all preventative medicine prescribed by Western medical doctors, and I have no need for Maxalt anymore! I had faith Dr. Raithel’s plan would work. And it did. Thanks so much, Dr. Michele. It’s wonderful not to have to hide in bed day after day with migraine pain. Thanks so much!”*

G.H. El Dorado Hills, CA

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