Insightful GI support

“Dr. Plante has been able to provide me with a plethora of insightful information on how to address my current gastrointestinal problems. His process and thorough investigation into my medical history have allowed us to identify and have a deeper understanding of my stomach’s current condition. Dr. Plante is able to look at all angles of a patient’s health concerns and give constructive recommendations on what he believes could help the patient’s overall well-being. I would highly recommend Dr. Plante to anyone who feels like their current primary care physician is limited within their scope of practice through traditional western medicine.”*

T.Z. Fair Oaks, CA

Hormone Help for Mom and Daughter

“I have been a patient with Dr. Plante for almost a year now. Dr. Plante cares about the patient. He listens well and researches thoroughly to find the best solution for the issue at hand. I came to him for menopausal help. He shares many options and will work with you to find what works best.

What I appreciate about Dr. Plante is his caring disposition to me as a person. He is not a doctor that makes you feel that he is in a hurry. I appreciate that he returns messages in a very timely manner too. He genuinely cares about his patients. We liked having him as a doctor so much that our teenage daughter now has him as her doctor. She says “he is very nice and a good doctor”. The K*** Family highly recommends Dr. Plante.”*

P.K. Antelope, CA

GI and Chronic Infection

“I found Revolutions Naturopathic via a presentation by Dr. Kunkle to a community of people with histories of ailments as a consequence of having been bitten by a tick. My symptoms of chronic Lyme infections were quiet until I had got bitten or stung by a wasp. I am not allergic to bees, and thought nothing of the bite until becoming overwhelmed with profound fatigue, abdominal pain and disabling gastroenteritis.

After completing a thorough medical workup for cancer, crohns, and other reasons for my symptoms my physician told me I was probably suffering from what would become chronic microbial infections. The search for the sources of the chronic offenders and appropriate treatment is not part of what insurance would cover, especially in an otherwise healthy adult. I reached out to Dr. Kunkle’s office, and was referred to Dr. Plante.

Like magic (it is not) my gut symptoms are finally manageable. Dr. Plante, and all of the staff are so welcoming and patient. It truly feels different to find caring professionals in an environment where insurance is not making all of the decisions. Dr. Plante’s approach is holistic rather than targeted, he gathers information in a sensitive manner, and I am truly impressed with his obvious and vast working knowledge of nutrients and physiology. I am grateful that I can afford the opportunity to learn while making healthy changes to in my case a dysfunctional gastrointestinal system.”

C.F. Sacramento, CA

Saved my life

“Simply put Revolutions Naturopathic and Brian Plante, ND saved my life. The supplements and nutrients provided for me pulled me out of the most depressed state of my life, both physically and mentally. Dr. Plante is a true doctor, he actually listens and treats his patients with respect, kindness, and is truly motivated into making YOUR life better. Revolutions does not just write you a prescription and send you on your way. The IV treatments have brought my physical and mental state to a whole new level. I am thinking more clearly, I have more natural energy, and I honestly haven’t felt this good since I was 18.

I thank both Dr. Plante and Revolutions Naturopathic for not only saving my life but also showing me that there are still doctors/health providers that truly care about their patients. P.S. I was extremely skeptical of eastern medicine and did not believe in it, obviously Revolutions has changed that mind set. Thank You”*

D.P. Roseville, CA

Impressed with the warmth and preparedness

“I had my initial intake appointment with Dr. Plante yesterday, Thursday. Just wanted to tell you how impressed we (my partner R. and I) are. I know he is new to your clinics, and perhaps just starting out in his ND profession. We were struck with how well prepared Dr. Plante was with the appointment, showing a great amount of study and preparation for the session. I felt a great deal of understanding on his part regarding my rather recent cancer diagnosis. He brought up many new points and ideas that we had not even thought about. His warmth and caring interaction put me immediately at ease – so much so that our 2 1/2 hour intake seemed to just fly by! I look forward to working with Dr. Plante on this cancer journey on which I am traveling. …Just wanted you to know that in our eyes you have acquired a great addition to your practice!”*

J.W. Nevada City, CA

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