Compassionate and Helpful

“5 stars: I wish I could give them 100 stars. Dr. Peronel and the staff are amazing and so incredibly kind, compassionate and helpful. After years in struggling to get my daughter the very best care that she do desperately needed and needs, we now have it. Dr. Peronel is literally moving mountains for us. I am so grateful to have this blessing. I can, and all sincerity, wholeheartedly recommend Revolutions Naturopathic. Do check them out immediately and wishing you and yours Godspeed in your journey.”*

C.W. Shingle Springs, CA

My depression was lessened considerably. I was amazed.

“I am so happy to write this testimonial! I am a patient of Dr. Magda Peronel. She is fantastic!

A little background on my case…….I have been seeing a nutritionist for about five years and had done quite well with whole food supplements. However, I seemed to be hitting a wall in certain areas and could not get improvement. Specifically, I was chronically depressed and putting on weight at an alarming rate. A friend recommended RN to me. I was skeptical at first because after all I had been seeing a nutritionist and it seemed that RN was the same as a nutritionist. And the series of tests at the beginning seemed very expensive. However, my insurance covered those costs!! Insurance did not cover one bit of my nutritionist expenses.

It is important to remember that RN is based on science so it is so exact. The results of my tests were truly enlightening as parts were in direct contradiction to what I had been told by my nutritionist. My skepticism was slowly diminishing as I continued the diagnosis portion with Dr. Magda Peronel. After the initial tests and my first treatment appointment with her, I immediately began to see and feel results. I was given a special tincture designed just for me and a few supplements to address my issues. My depression was lessened considerably. I was amazed.

The second part of my testimonial has to do with the supplement portion of my program. As I mentioned I had been seeing a nutritionist for a long period and had built up quite an arsenal of whole food supplements to manage my issues. I was taking a whopping 35 different whole food supplements. This was very expensive to maintain. On my third visit with Dr. Peronel, she reviewed each supplement individually and told me which ones to eliminate. And these were replaced with one multi purpose vitamin/mineral called MitoCore. I also continued the custom tincture. So………at the end of that visit, 19 supplements had been eliminated from my program, and were replaced with just two items. Of course, the goal is to eliminate any unnecessary supplement and as I progress, we will undoubtedly reduce my program even more.

So how do I feel after this huge adjustment? REMARKABLE is the only word I can think of to describe my emotional transformation. My depression left immediately and has not returned. I am losing weight as I write this, literally. And each day I am feeling better and better overall. I actually forgot what it was like to feel this good.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Revolutions Naturopathic to anyone looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, you know, where you are treated like a guinea pig and given prescription drugs to mask the symptoms and never address the cause. And of course I very highly recommend Dr. Magda Peronel as well since my experience was with her.”*

R.P. Fiddletown, CA

Dr. Peronel Saved My Life!

“Dr. Peronel saved my life. I was battling with a severe autoimmune disease that was wreaking havoc. I decided to take the leap and go here when my regular PCP wouldn’t listen or do the tests I knew I needed. Within 15 minutes on my first visit… I learned more about my condition than I had in 4 years with my PCP.. and they actually listen to you! My entire life is different. I feel dare I say… normal again! If you are just not getting anywhere with your current provider and nothing is working.. please go see them here! They will change your life!”*

A.M. Folsom, CA

Natural Approach with Genuine Care

“A friend was telling me about how much she enjoyed her doctor at Revolutions Naturopathic. What impressed me most was that she said her doctor took the time to listen to her. I told her that I often felt like a cow being herded through a maze to get to the vaccination. Perhaps you have had a similar experience with doctors “assigned” by health insurance companies: take a number, sit and wait 15 to 30 minutes; a person leads you to the scale and into a room, takes my blood pressure and temperature, then wait for the doctor (what have I been doing for the last 30 minutes?) The doctor comes in and wants to know what I need from them today – as if I am imposing on their time. Three to five minutes later, they are gone and I am left with a prescription to fill. Oh, and let them know if I need anything else. Fat chance! Sure, the prescriptions usually worked so why did I need to wait around for nearly an hour to get that accomplished? Isn’t there a prescription vending machine yet?

My experiences with Revolutions Naturopathic were different from the beginning. The initial contact with the front office was warm and informative. They explained how they handle new patients and I felt better already. My first meeting was with Magda Peronel, N.D. She was knowledgeable and friendly. I felt like I was talking with someone who cared about me and my health rather than counting the minutes to tee time on the golf course. I also liked that she was educated about nutrition and plant medicines, in addition to western traditional pharmaceutical medicines. I felt like she had the knowledge needed to help my human body work as nature designed it.

The office environment is calm and pleasing. The people who work there are friendly and helpful. I look forward to my visits to see Dr. Peronel. I think it is the first time in my life that I look forward to being contacted by my doctor’s office.”*

K.L. Folsom, CA

Finally Free of Frustration

“After getting frustrated at my current health care provider, I decided to go to Revolutions. I was assigned to Dr. Magda Peronel. Dr. Peronel is amazing. For the first time ever I felt the doctor and the staff actually cared about me and wanted to find healthy solutions to fix my illness. I have and will recommend Dr. Peronel and Revolutions to anyone.”*

D.N. Folsom, CA

Patient Care

“The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend Dr. Peronel. Upon arriving here in Arizona after several years of absence, I had the need to find a good Naturopathic doctor. I was lucky enough to find a very good one right away. Dr. Peronel exceeded my expectations. From day one I knew that she cared for my wellbeing. She took her time to ask many questions about my past medical history and my present symptoms. She was even interested to know details of what was going on in my life to help me out. I felt so welcomed and cared for that I had no trouble opening up to her.

My follow-up visits with her were always very helpful. She was ready for me. I knew she had spent time looking into my case. She always presented herself very knowledgeable about our topics so she won my confidence and trust. I always had the impression that she had done a lot of research before meeting with me. I never felt pressured by her in any way. She always had options for me and she made sure that I was comfortable with the regime I was to follow.

I was very happy with her care and decided to take my mother to see her. My mom had been struggling with some health issues that no doctor had been able to help and/or diagnose. Dr. Peronel took good care of my mom. She went above and beyond to find out how to help my mom. She went from blood test to blood test until she found what was wrong with my mom. She knew just what supplements to recommend to help with her condition. My mom has been doing a lot better ever since. Every time I see or run into Dr. Peronel, she remembers to ask how my mom is doing and I can tell that she really cares to know.

I want to say that Dr. Peronel has the most important quality that I think patients value in a doctor, she really cares. But not only does she care, she is also very knowledgeable and if she had any questions or doubts, she did her research, I am a testimony to that. Thank you Dr. Peronel!”*

M.P. Phoenix, AZ

Heart and Kidney Function

“I cannot say with certainly that Dr Peronel saved my life but I can and will say that she changed my quality of life immensely. When I met Dr Peronel, I had a heart ejection fraction of forty four percent and kidney function of thirty seven. The kidney function had fallen seven percent each month for the previous two. Within six weeks, my GFR had improved to fifty seven and my ejection fraction had recovered to over sixty. Her prescribed regimen of acupuncture and herbal teas and extracts had brought me back to normal after a nephrologist, urologist and a cardiologist had said that nothing could be done and that I would need to adjust my lifestyle and just learn to live with my limited abilities.”*

J.C. Chandler, AZ

Lupus and Dialysis

“Dr. Peronel has been my physician for over eight months. In 2007, I was diagnosed with lupus and I have been on dialysis since 2010. I always held high regards and respect for the field of holistic medicine. Dr. Peronel is great at connecting with people, listening to them and working to create a treatment they are comfortable with. Her care has supported me through stress management and many physical ailments. From the moment I met Dr. Peronel I felt the passion and understanding she possesses for her patients. Her professionalism was undeniably satisfactory, and I can state with confidence that she is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity. She is amazing in many levels. Dr. Peronel also treated my mother with utmost respect, patience and care. We were impressed by her strong communication skills, her medical knowledge and she has shown that she is very intelligent with a mind well-suited for the world of medicine.”*

C.D. Tempe, AZ

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