Invaluable in helping treat Lyme

“Dr. Kunkle has been invaluable in helping me treat Lyme. I see him every few weeks. He is the only doctor in the wider Sacramento area that is medically trained to deal with Lyme specifically… He’s also a licensed acupuncturist with a degree in Chinese medicine. He is very well-educated and I always learn new things from him even though I do plenty of diligent research myself. He has plenty of ideas and is open to my ideas. He treats my underactive thyroid and hormones that a GP wouldn’t bother treating because they’re “borderline.” Importantly, he prescribes antibiotics, but he also works with herbal protocols like Buhner. Even more importantly, he is very reasonable. I get a scholarship for my treatment which makes it cheaper and you can apply for one as well if you’re under the care of someone in the office. Supplements aren’t discounted though. They do in-house mixtures of herbs so you don’t have to buy them individually online. The office also has an IV lounge where you can get IV antibiotics, glutathione, vitamins and other cocktails. If you have Lyme and are in Sacramento, save yourself a drive to the Bay Area and come here instead.”*

C.H. Sacramento, CA

Complex Iron/Ferritin Issue

“My wife and I are very thankful for what Dr. Kunkle has done to help me with my high iron/ferritin situation.  This is a very complex problem to diagnose and treat, and requires time and thought to figure it out.  We are grateful that Dr. Kunkle has taken on this challenge, and helped to get me feeling better and lowered my iron/ferritin.  There is still work to do, but we are making significant progress.

Dr. Kunkle’s approach to this medical problem will help others with similar and complex issues like these.

We are very thankful that you recommended Dr. Kunkle to me.”*

B.P. Auburn, CA

Feeling better than I have in a decade

“After years of feeling low energy and not realizing ANY recommendations from my previous doctor I elected to try Revolutions at the recommendation of one of my customers. I can say that in the first 15 minutes of my time with Dr. Kunkle I learned more than I had EVER heard from my previous doctor in 15 years. Dr. Kunkle immediately detected several areas where I was compromised. Five weeks later I feel better than I have in a decade. There is still progress to be made, but I now have a defined road map and an excellent guide! Thanks Dr. Kunkle!”*

B.R. Roseville, CA

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