Getting to the root

“Revolutions Naturopathic is the best! I am very into natural healthcare, and have been for years. I have been going to revolutions for about 10 years, for all my healthcare needs. Dr. Wilkerson and Dr. Brinkley are especially amazing! Every doctor that I have dealt with at revolutions is great, but they are extra special to me. I have referred my whole family, lots of my friends and co-workers to Revolutions. My Doctors at Revolutions are super detailed, looking at the whole picture to find the root cause of any issue that I present to them. Once we find the root, we set a treatment plan and go for it. My experiences have all been great, and I look forward to many more years of optimized health with Revolutions. I greatly appreciate all you do, and thank you very much. xoxoxo”

J.H. Granite Bay, CA


“For the past ten years, I have been told by my traditional medicine physicians that my symptoms related to perimenopause/menopause were untreatable due to “risk factors” that eliminated me from being a candidate for HRT or any form of treatment to alleviate significant symptoms. The lack of treatment options impacted my career, marriage, relationships, and overall quality of life. Finally, tired of being ignored by traditional medicine, I reached out to Revolutions Naturopathic for a consultation, and I am so glad I did!

Everyone from my doctor to the staff in Revolutions Naturopathic has been excellent. My doctor listened to my concerns and asked me questions about how I felt, how my condition impacted my life, and what my goals were for treatment. She assured me that while there are risks associated with HRT to consider, there are options for women with my level of risk. With data from thorough lab tests and my health history, we have established a course of HRT, nutritional strategies, and supplements to address my significant menopause symptoms. I am happy to report I haven’t felt this great in years. I have my life back. I feel valued, worthy, validated, and supported. Thank you for listening to me and helping me!”

L.F. Roseville, CA


“I had been struggling to lose weight for a long time, felt bloated all the time, low energy, and just not “myself” after a partial hysterectomy. I began a treatment plan with vitamin supplements as well as a hormone supplement. I made some unexpected dietary changes after specific food sensitivities showed up on a blood test….and lost 10 lbs in the first month! I feel much better, and am motivated to continue my treatment plan to reach my goal of being healthy inside and out!”*

K.O. Fiddletown, CA

Treating the cause with sincere bedside manner

“Finding the cause of my symptoms and not just treating the symptoms was the key to my recovery and not something my medical doctors did. Dr. Brinkley made it a priority to find out why my symptoms were persisting and then implemented a successful treatment plan. Importantly, she did this with an impeccable, comforting, and sincere bedside manner that has been so important to my overall well being.*”

L.E. Folsom, CA

Treatment for Anxiety

“Dr. Brinkley is amazing! I came to see her for help regulating my anxiety – both to pin-point the cause and identify treatment. After running certain tests she prescribed a combination of supplements and I am so happy to say that after a few weeks I was feeling significantly better; after a few months my anxiety is all but gone! I’m so grateful to have found such a kind, skillful, and knowledgeable doctor. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their health and overall quality of life!”*

J.D. Folsom, CA

Eliminating Extreme Daytime Fatigue and Unsolved Rhinitis

“I went to Dr. Brinkley with the hope of getting relief from a few problems I was experiencing. Most importantly I was experiencing extreme daytime fatigue. I needed a long nap ( up to 2 hours) daily. Even after a “good night’s sleep” I never felt rested, non-refreshed. Along with the fatigue, medical professionals, (ENT, allergist, gp) could not provide a satisfactory solution for the non-allergic rhinitis, I have had since moving to this area. Symptoms included runny nose, sneezing, post nasal drip, coughing, especially at night. On top of it all I was dealing with post-hysterectomy menopause and a stressful life.

Two months after seeing her and making a few changes- I have not felt this good in years and the solution to my improved health are simple and cost-effective. It has enabled me to manage and resolve the stress in my life.

I am now six months from my initial visit with Dr. Brinkley. The diagnosis and treatment continue to improve my quality of life. I am healthier and happier and stronger thanks to her.”*

B.K. El Dorado Hills, CA

Patient Care Over Many Years

“I started w/ Revolutions during their inception. The good Dr’s there have worked with me on my many issues. Each is good and all provide wise info. What I appreciate about you is your ability to be forthright, yet patient. You also seem to be intuitive which is a helpful gift for someone in your position. You do your best to zero in on the best course, but are willing to do trial and error until we get the right mix for my body. I know I’m not the easiest patient. I try to hang onto those hormones like a backstreet junkie. Keep gently kicking my butt, I am hopeful. You really do rock as a naturo. Thanks for all you do.”*

C.P. Folsom, CA

Hormones and Overall Health

“Hi Dr. Brinkley!

Wanted to give you an update on how things are going. In short – GREAT!  My palpitations are reduced in both frequency and intensity by 80% – just amazing.  And no hot flashes, brain fog, etc.  I can’t remember the last time I felt this great.  Lots of energy, great mood, excellent brain function and I’m sleeping well.  Overall, I’m delighted at how well I’m responding, so thank you so much for the care! My husband was concerned about me going off hormones – mostly because he remembers how much I struggled with menopause.  But even he’s impressed with how well I’m doing.  Now I just have to convince him to see you guys…

I hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous spring weather.  Now that it’s drying out, it seems like all I do is mow…and mow…and mow.  But in between times I get to hear the birds singing and the wildflowers are giving quite the show.  So all is good.

Thank you, Dr. Brinkley, for all of your help and concern.  As I mentioned during my last visit, I have never had such great care as what I receive from you and the staff at Revolutions.”*

D.M. Plymouth, CA

Migraines and Low Energy

“For years I battled migraines. I was in bed 2-3 days each month as a result. I also, for the last two years, had no energy, brain fog; felt depressed and had gained weight although my eating habits had not changed. I was miserable!

Thanks to the amazing people at Revolutions my life was changed, although not immediately. My cortisol levels were low. After 3 months on a tincture and several supplements, things began to change. I felt like I had turned a corner. I had more energy, I felt I could think clearly and the weight began to disappear. I lost 15 pounds by the end of 6 months which is amazing, as I’m only 5’1″. Most importantly, the monthly migraines reduced to mere dull headaches, occasionally and mostly now I have no headaches during my cycle. I am deeply grateful for the life changing help I have received here. I tell everyone about Revolutions!

Thank you! As a mom of 2 my family is grateful to have me back in the game!”*

J.M. Roseville, CA

Natural Approach

“Dr. Brinkley has always been very professional and knowledgeable, but personable as well. What I really appreciate above all is the natural approach – not anything like my doctor in the past ready to pull out the “prescription pad” for every solution. I highly recommend her.”*

L.G. Pine Grove, CA

Getting off Synthetic Hormones

“I came in to just get a B12 shot, highly recommended by my sister, and ended up being treated to get off of synthetic hormone replacement. My sister had, at that time, just been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer at the age of 40, so I wanted off the hormones!! Through tinctures, vitamins, and creams I am feeling better than I have in a long time, I was on “those” for 22 years! It takes some work but is so worth it! It’s been little over a year now and I am still feeling great!”*

N.B. Folsom, CA


“Thank you so much Dr. Brinkley for all you have done for me in my journey to health. Last winter when I came to see you I was depressed, sick, and always feeling miserable. Since discovering I was anemic and had been for a long time, I have been on a journey to health I didn’t know was possible. I didn’t realize how miserable I was until I started to see what healthy looks like! This winter marks 1 year of treatment and I have never felt this happy, healthy, and whole. You’re a God send.”*

J.G. El Dorado Hills, CA

Empathy and Results

“Dr. Brinkley helped me when I felt lost in the traditional medical system. I felt like there was no one to support me and focus on or acknowledge the issues I was having. She not only listened empathetically to my health issues, she didn’t dismiss them, like I had experienced with my primary care provider and various specialists. After several lab tests, she identified exactly what was going on with me, and helped me return to good health through a comprehensive treatment plan. I felt great much more quickly than anticipated and am very grateful for her help. Not only did she validate and identify my very real health issues, she helped resolve them holistically, which is exactly what I was seeking.”*

J.K. Sutter Creek, CA


“Finding Dr. Brinkley at Revolutions Naturopathic has given me my life back. I suffered migraines for 12 years before finally finding a doctor who wanted to find the cause rather than write me a prescription. I was referred to Dr. Brinkley by a friend who had great success. Naturally I was hesitant to go to another doctor, so I held onto her card for almost 2 months before finally calling. My migraines reached the point where no amount of prescriptions would even touch the pain. I couldn’t live my life; a migraine was always in the way. As soon as I met Dr. Brinkley I knew my life would change. She listened to my story and even took notes! After running a blood test on me she luckily found a trigger, gluten! I had no idea it could affect me in such a way. Dr. Brinkley recommended I stay away from gluten and see a chiropractor for my neck, due to how I said my migraines felt. At my 30 day checkup I already felt like a new person. The chiropractor found a problem immediately, and not eating gluten I could feel that I had more energy. Since finding Dr. Brinkley I am now able to have a life without worrying about migraines, I am so thankful that Dr. Brinkley was able to help me and give me my life back.”*

V.L. Jackson, CA

Patient Care

“Dr. Brinkley is the physician for my whole family. She’s not only wonderfully well-informed and savvy, she’s thoughtful, kind, and a great listener. We are deeply impressed by and grateful for all she’s done to keep us well (and get us through our rough patches).

Too, the front desk staff at Revolutions is – to a person – very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. They make the paperwork aspect of healthcare easy and seamless.

All in all, our experience at Revolutions gives us tremendous confidence that our health issues and concerns will be expertly addressed both now and in the future.”*

L.B. Gold River, CA

Allergy Testing

“I started seeing Dr. Brinkley for allergy testing and general checkups last fall. I am thrilled! I have seen quite a few doctors in my life, but Dr. Brinkley is at the top. She takes your history, asks you questions about it, listens to your ailments, and works with you to find the best solutions. She begins by working through what, in your life, could be causing the problems (ex, bad habits, allergens in the home, etc.) to solve the ailment and if that doesn’t work, moves on to natural remedies, and so on. I, as a patient, do not want to mask a problem with drugs; I want to know why I have the problem and solve it! If you are like me, and want your doctor to listen to you and work with you, Revolutions Naturopathic is for you!”*

C.W. Fair Oaks, CA

Stress Relief

“Dr. Brinkley made me feel comfortable and confident in the naturopathic treatment. I was skeptical at first but found results within a month of her vitamin regimen. I’ve averaged 65-80 hour work weeks over the past 10 years. I was in high stress environments and eating extremely poorly. I’m still relatively young but my body hit critical mass. I had trouble breathing and focusing; this hindered my ability to perform at work. I’m still in high stress environments but the vitamins alleviate my breathing and focus. I definitely recommend Dr. Raithel and Dr. Brinkley. I refer co-workers to Dr. Brinkley with extreme confidence.”

J.M. Sacramento, CA

Women’s Health

“I just love Dr. Brinkley. She is professional, but still very friendly. I’m in the health care field myself, so I know a lot, but I could tell that she really knew a lot about health. She is very knowledgeable not just about the physiology of the body but also the herbs and supplements. I would highly recommend her to any woman wanting to increase their health quotient and balance their body.”*

R.F. Folsom, CA

Hair Loss and Weight Gain

“I came to Dr. Brinkley with a chief complaint of severe hair loss and rapid weight gain over a couple of months. Her initial appointment with me was extremely thorough not only looking at the symptoms but really delving into the could be causes of these issues in the emotional, energetic and situational realm. I left with a few vitamins, ideas to tweak my current regimen, stress control and diet changes as well as blood drawn, with a promise of a deeper examination into my issues with the results.

After that first month, the hair loss slowed and the weight gain stopped. However, Dr. Brinkley didn’t let that be her victory, she was determined to see not only the hair loss stop but regrowth to be apparent as well as find my weight readjust to it’s previous levels. She found more in depth blood tests to investigate with, in particular food allergies and she continued to tweak my vitamins.

Within a couple of months, I had found complete relief of my initial complaints and then she addressed some emotional factors with a homeopathic, and by the end of the fifth month I was back to better health, emotionally and physically, than I had been before I started feeling these issues at the end of the summer. I greatly appreciate how thorough Dr. Brinkley was while I was under her care and that she was never satisfied with just partial success, even though any victory in regaining your health is a BIG one. She was determined, as I was, to find health in a holistic way, with me as her partner, as she really cared about my desires, needs and concerns, instead of just asking me to be a compliant patient. ”*

K.F. Kirkland, WA


“Dr. Brinkley was great! She is very compassionate and really cared about me and finding a natural solution to my infertility. She took her time not only really understanding my problem but understanding me, the patient. Now we are the proud parents of a son and daughter!”*

C.S. Kirkland, WA

Patient Care

“Dr. Brinkley, – I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me in the last few months. The time that you spent with me and the detailed questions that you asked, helped to identify the medical condition that I have been suffering with for the last year. I am feeling 100% better and I have energy again!! You are the first doctor that has taken the time to figure out what was going on with me, and I really appreciate you. I look forward to working with you on other health goals that I have.”*

M.F. Woodinville, WA

Post-Partum and Breastfeeding

“Dr. Brinkley has been a huge blessing to our family. She has a lot of experience with women and children which made coming to her with post-partum and breastfeeding questions easy and comfortable. She has been extremely understanding and compassionate with all my questions and concerns about myself, my baby, and my older 2 children. I have never felt rushed through an appointment and that is something that is very hard to find.

It means a lot to have a Dr. I can trust. She also will pursue a solution and see it through until you or your child is feeling better. She cares about the health of the whole person and is holistic in treatment. I am very thankful that she is our doctor and I highly recommend her.”**

M.M. Kirkland, WA

Elevated Blood Pressure

“I came to see Dr. Brinkley with elevated blood pressure. Dr. Brinkley then took the helm by ordering tests and prescribing a plan that I would have never received if I had gone to the hospital. That plan has brought me in just two months with absolutely no high blood pressure medication, to 120/68! In the third month I have maintained that general range. We are now ready to see if the tests would confirm that all is well.

I am so grateful that God directed me to get help and that the help came with such amazing results. Thank you Dr. Brinkley for your wise consul. And once again, the naturopathic way has brought healing instead of dependency upon a lifetime of being on medications.”*

P.M. Mill Creek, WA

Natural Treatment for UTI

“I have seen Dr. Brinkley for my recurring UTI problem as I was interested in overcoming it in an antibiotic free way and also avoiding their recurrence in the future. She was very patient about listening to my problem and gave me good naturopathic and homeopathic options, which worked great for me. Dr. Brinkley is a very kind and caring doctor who responded to all my queries in a timely fashion. She would be my first choice if I get any other recurring health problems in the future.”*

S.V. Redmond, WA

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