Regaining Hope

“I was suffering from GI issues for 4-5 years . Last year was terrible. Diagnosed IBS. Constant pain and nausea. All tests came back in normal range. I was out of hope. I decided to give naturopathic medicine a try. I heard about it from others but was skeptical. Two weeks after starting supplements I feel better than I have in years. My GI issues seem to have cleared up after the first couple of days. I am so grateful to have found help at Revolutions with Dr. Boulter. I feel hopeful again. Thank you for giving me my life back!!”*

A.S. Fair Oaks, CA

Gentle and Knowledgeable

“First time in this office. Been seeing Dr. Boulter for digestive and other issues related to the GI tract. She has a gentle approach and focuses on the most overwhelming symptom to create a foundation to build on & get your body back to health. Her approach is gentle and I felt that she really did listen to my concerns, in turn she offers her expertise & knowledge to guide you on a treatment plan that suits your individual needs! I am thankful to have an office that is in the community.

The front office is has also been very accommodating & knowledgeable.
They have been pleasant & helpful every time I have called and I really have appreciated this experience!”*

A.F Sacramento, CA

Someone who gets it!

“Dr Boulter, just wanted to that you for taking the time to care! It’s so nice knowing you are in my corner and you really listen. You are a person I would enjoy talking with anytime….
So nice to know someone in the health service gets it.”*

D.G. Martell, CA

Insomnia Resolved

“Coming to see Dr. Boulter has been positively life changing for me. I have struggled with perimenopausal symptoms for years. I have visited many doctors but there was never really a fix for my symptoms. The worst symptom I had was insomnia. With insomnia, it was difficult for me to get through the day. I had no energy to exercise. I was irritable often, and in general, felt terrible. Dr. Boulter really listened to me and spent a lot of time discussing my symptoms. She asked a lot of questions going through my body from head to toe including my mental health. With the right minerals and supplements, I now sleep every night and sleep better than I have for years. I have the energy to workout with my husband again. I would highly recommend Dr. Boulter and Revolutions Naturopathic.”*

A.T. Folsom, CA

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