Nutritional and Emotional Support

“I love Revolutions Naturopathic in Roseville. Every person is very friendly and helpful. My doctor is Dr. Alberts. She has helped me in so many ways. I began my journey with them back in the fall of 2020. I was very depressed and in poor nutritional health.

I am 66 years young and have faced many challenges with my health. Dr. Alberts really listened to what I said and what I did not say. The treatment plan she designed for me is working wonders for me and my outlook on life. I am happy again, because I feel so much better and gaining energy every day. I really appreciate that she is available (for a quick question) on the days I go in for an IV infusion and she can do video chats with you at home.

Dr. Alberts is very accessible, very kind, very knowledgeable and really cares about her patients. My friend who is a patient recommended Revolutions Naturopathic to me and I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend Revolutions Naturopathic for your medical and nutritional needs. You will love them!”*

T.M. Yuba City, CA

Self Care!

“I couldn’t live without my Vitamin B complex shots! I have so much more energy. Dr. Albert is amazing! She really cares & listens to you. I highly recommend this place for self care!!!!”*

A.D. Citrus Heights, CA

Love the Photofacial and Botox

“I would like to say thank you! I came to see Dr. Alberts for a BBL photofacial and after only 1 visit, I noticed a huge difference with dark spots being gone! But, the best part was the fact that I didn’t have to wear as much concealer. Being Italian, I have grown up with concealer in my back pocket. Dr. Alberts also did a fabulous job with my Botox, and I have gotten so many compliments. I look really refreshed and relaxed and healthy. Just the other day somebody told me ‘Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!’ Thank you Dr. Alberts!”*

D.G. Fair Oaks, CA

Younger skin and no downtime with BBL

“As a 40 year old mom of 3, who spent many years worshiping the sun, I thought I was destined to wear foundation and concealer for the rest of my life. I had many freckles and age spots that were becoming more and more difficult to cover up. A good friend introduced me to Dr. Alberts and the BBL photofacial. After one 20 minute treatment, my brown spots were gone and I no longer had to resort to heavy concealer. I could not be more pleased with the results. It’s easy, no downtime, and it works! I highly recommend the photofacial to anyone frustrated with aging skin.”*

F.W. Granite Bay, CA

BBL makes me look 10 years younger

“I had run in to a friend at the gym and her skin looked amazing! I asked her to share her secret and she referred me to Dr. Alberts. After my initial consultation I knew right away I wanted to start my series of BBL treatments to treat my skin from the sun damage, discoloration, and aging. Dr. Alberts made the process very easy and comfortable. Three treatments in I noticed the changes in my skin. My skin glowed and the sun damage was less visible. Dr. Alberts is an amazing person! She’s extremely talented. Now I get my botox and fillers (which I was at first skeptical) all done by Dr. Alberts. She makes me look 10 years younger and I love her! Thank you!!!”*

E.L. Sacramento, CA

Best physical shape with hormone replacement

“I came to Dr. Alberts after feeling really old (I am 56). I mean really old. Everything hurt. Even getting out of bed in the morning. I decided to have my hormone levels checked and begin hormone therapy. My primary motivation being to get into better shape and perform better in competitive sports activities.
Well, hormone therapy has given me more energy, less pain, and increased stamina. I am in the best physical shape of my life right now and winning competitions on a monthly basis. I would recommend this therapy to anyone getting up in years and looking to feel younger again.
On a side note, Dr. Alberts also has an awesome bedside manner and shows a genuine interest in her patients. It is a pleasure talking to her when I come in for treatment.”*

D.C. El Dorado Hills, CA

Exhausted by dermatologist creams and elimination diets

“Dr. Alberts is the best! She paid attention to my medical history, listened intently to all of my symptoms and goals from treatment, asked appropriate follow-up questions and really tailored the treatment to me personally. I was comfortable with her from the get-go, and she is extremely easy to talk to. I’ve moved away from traditional western medicine that treats symptoms and not their causes – I’ve dealt with my share of skin and digestive issues, and was exhausted by dermatologist creams/elimination diets (I feel like I tried it all) – so if you’re looking to switch to a real, more healthful method of medicine, I would definitely recommend Revolutions Naturopathic!”*

J.H. Davis, CA

Castor Oil for Gallbladder Dysfunction

“For two days I had severe upper right chest pain, nausea, and some minor digestive symptoms that developed overnight. I was in extreme pain/discomfort and could not figure out the cause. Dr. Alberts performed a physical exam and determined gallbladder dysfunction. She advised me to use a castor oil pack over my liver for 1 hour and a heating pad. I went home and followed her instructions. I did not feel any different but by that evening the pain just went away and my other symptoms did as well. I slept very well that night and have been symptom free since. So nice that a natural treatment could work so well with no side effects.”*

N.H. Citrus Heights, CA

Persistent Acne

“I saw Dr. Alberts for persistent adult acne that I had been seeing dermatologists for, for over ten years. Dermatologists always prescribed me harsh cleansers and antibiotics that only masked my acne and never discussed with me lifestyle changes. After one appointment with Dr. Alberts, I was off oral antibiotics, made small diet changes, and added supplements that made my acne almost 100% better immediately! I cannot believe how simple it was. Thanks!”*

R.K. Sacramento, CA

Holistic Approach

“I have been treated by Naturopathic doctors for the past 2 years. I sincerely believe in the benefits and advantages of choosing Naturopathic over traditional medicine. The main difference I see is in the careful, comprehensive, and holistic approach taken by the doctors. The philosophy clearly appears to be one of working to discover the “cause” of a particular ailment, and not simply “treating the symptoms” which is often the case with traditional medicine. This results, more often than not, in a more caring and patient interaction from the Naturopathic physician. I have never felt rushed by my doctor and have always felt that he/she is truly listening to me and is willing to spend all the time required to make me feel completely cared for.

Revolutions Naturopathic is the finest medical clinic I have ever experienced. Dr Raithel has done an amazing job of creating a team that is truly exceptional – from the office staff, the medical assistants, to the doctors. When you walk in the door you will immediately sense the friendly, positive, and caring environment. You will feel that this is a place that is not your typical doctor’s office. I would like to give particular praise and admiration for Dr. Karla Alberts. Her level of extreme competence combined with a wonderful “bedside manner” allows me to state with sincerity that Dr. Alberts is likely the best physician that I have ever had. (I am a 59 year old man and I have worked with more than my share of doctors!)

In conclusion, I could not be more satisfied and pleased with the wonderful care I have received from Revolutions Naturopathic. I give this wonderful place my strongest recommendation.”*

R.W. Roseville, CA

BHRT Pellets

“I feel better and better each week since I started on the pellets – mentally, physically and emotionally. I really appreciate your help in transitioning me over to this protocol. I feel that is the right path to getting all of my levels up to where they should be – so far, so good!”*

D.H. Folsom, CA

Laser Facial Treatment

“I wanted to share with you how happy I am with the result of the laser facial treatment that I had done. After having several treatments, several times over the years, having pre-cancer cells removed from my face via Kaiser and V.A, I’m extremely happy with your results. My face complexion is much improved and the spotting is gone! I’m so glad I decided to go with your procedure versus the recommendation of my VA doctor. I’m extremely happy with the result and feel I won’t be in a Dr’s office again in a year to address this issue again. Thank you so much!”*

B.W. Grass Valley, CA

Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

“It has been a pleasure being Dr. Albert’s patient. She is positive, encouraging and very knowledgeable about bioidentical hormone pellets, which I recently had implanted. I had never heard of them before coming to Dr. Alberts. It’s a nice alternative to using bioidentical creams which tend to be messy and not always exact. I appreciate the time Dr. Alberts took to explain how pellet hormone release works as well the visuals she provided while explaining the process to me. I could actually feel a difference in my body within the first week, a sense of calm, as if my body was finally getting what it needed hormonally. (I had been using bioidentical creams for years.) Dr. Alberts is a delight to work with. She is an excellent listener and truly cares about her patients. She even gave me a wonderful recipe for Peanut Butter Banana muffins which I’ll use as an alternative to eating eggs for breakfast every morning. Thanks, Dr. Alberts!”*

M.H. Granite Bay, CA

BBL Treatment

“I was excited to learn that Revolutions Naturopathic had added aesthetic medicine to their offerings. I had previously had a laser facial resurfacing procedure several months prior to my meeting with Dr. Alberts. However, I had a stubborn brown spot that refused to go away. Dr. Alberts took the time to explain the BBL technique and expected results. After my first treatment, the spot had disappeared! I was ecstatic! I’m looking forward to having Dr. Alberts help me fight the ravages of aging – both with therapies and advice. I’ve also been pleased to sample some of her other offerings; to date, hair removal, with which I am also very pleased.”*

K.M. Ione, CA

Bio-Identical Hormones

“I first heard about Dr. Alberts from a friend who had gone to her for bio-identical hormone treatments. She told me what a great experience she had. I noticed that I had been having the same symptoms of my friend and I decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Alberts. During my consultation, I was surprised to find out that I had some additional health issues that I was not aware that I had been experiencing. Dr. Alberts took the time to discuss with me why I was feeling so bad and eased my mind by telling me that my condition was very easily correctable.

She provided me with me holistic alternatives, dietary changes, as well as plenty of resources needed that would easily solve most of my medical issues. She also provided the right amount of bio-identical hormones that my body was missing. That was six months ago, and I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved dramatically. With the changes suggested, my energy is better than it’s been in the last 10 years and I feel wonderful! I’m so grateful to Dr. Alberts for helping me turn back the clock and feel like I did in my 20s! I am truly thankful for such informative, helpful, and solution-provided appointments. I appreciate all she has done to get my life back on track.”*

N.N. Phoenix, AZ

Patient Care

“Rest assured you are in the best of care with Dr. Alberts as your doctor. Dr. Alberts is professional, considerate and very thorough. Her genuine concern for your health comes through, and her skills as a doctor as well as her problem-solving abilities are always on point. Dr. Alberts has been treating me for 3 years and my health, overall wellness, vitality, and spirit have all increased while under her care. I enjoy her personality and refreshing point of view. I am planning on having her as my doctor long into the future because I know I am in the best hands possible.”*

M.B. Scottsdale, AZ

Aesthetic Injections

“Dr. Alberts is fantastic!!! I can’t say enough positive things about her. She is the only injector that can help me get my skin looking so fantastic. She has a calming presence & genuinely takes interest in her patients’ well-being. She conducts herself in a professional manner and builds rapport easily; making her patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident in her knowledge and abilities. Dr. Alberts focuses on individuals’ strengths and enhances those while taking the time to address patients’ concerns. She is such a wonderful, trustworthy doctor!! Truly a rare find!!!”*

A.D. Phoenix, AZ

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