“Revolutions Naturopathic is the best! I am very into natural healthcare, and have been for years. I have been going to revolutions for about 10 years, for all my healthcare needs. Dr. Wilkerson and Dr. Brinkley are especially amazing! Every doctor that I have dealt with at revolutions is great, but they are extra special Continue Reading

J.H. Granite Bay, CA

“For the past ten years, I have been told by my traditional medicine physicians that my symptoms related to perimenopause/menopause were untreatable due to “risk factors” that eliminated me from being a candidate for HRT or any form of treatment to alleviate significant symptoms. The lack of treatment options impacted my career, marriage, relationships, and Continue Reading

L.F. Roseville, CA

“I feel much better, and am motivated to continue my treatment plan”* Continue Reading

K.O. Fiddletown, CA

“[Dr. Brinkley’s] impeccable, comforting, and sincere bedside manner… has been so important to my overall well being.* Continue Reading

L.E. Folsom, CA

“I am so happy to say that after a few weeks I was feeling significantly better; after a few months my anxiety is all but gone!”* Continue Reading

J.D. Folsom, CA

I am healthier and happier and stronger thanks to her. Continue Reading

B.K. El Dorado Hills, CA

You also seem to be intuitive which is a helpful gift for someone in your position.* Continue Reading

C.P. Folsom, CA

“My palpitations are reduced in both frequency and intensity by 80% – just amazing.”* Continue Reading

D.M. Plymouth, CA

“I am deeply grateful for the life changing help I have received here. I tell everyone about Revolutions!”* Continue Reading

J.M. Roseville, CA

“What I really appreciate above all is the natural approach”* Continue Reading

L.G. Pine Grove, CA

“It’s been little over a year now and I am still feeling great!”* Continue Reading

N.B. Folsom, CA

“This winter marks 1 year of treatment and I have never felt this happy, healthy, and whole.”* Continue Reading

J.G. El Dorado Hills, CA

“After several lab tests, she identified exactly what was going on with me”* Continue Reading

J.K. Sutter Creek, CA

“Since finding Dr. Brinkley I am now able to have a life without worrying about migraines”* Continue Reading

V.L. Jackson, CA

“We are deeply impressed by and grateful for all she’s done to keep us well (and get us through our rough patches).”* Continue Reading

L.B. Gold River, CA

“If you are like me, and want your doctor to listen to you and work with you, Revolutions Naturopathic is for you!”* Continue Reading

C.W. Fair Oaks, CA

“I refer co-workers to Dr. Brinkley with extreme confidence.”* Continue Reading

J.M. Sacramento, CA

“She is very knowledgeable not just about the physiology of the body but also the herbs and supplements.”* Continue Reading

R.F. Folsom, CA

“Within a couple of months, I had found complete relief of my initial complaints”* Continue Reading

K.F. Kirkland, WA

“She is very compassionate and really cared about me and finding a natural solution to my infertility.” Continue Reading

C.S. Kirkland, WA

“You are the first doctor that has taken the time to figure out what was going on with me, and I really appreciate you.”* Continue Reading

M.F. Woodinville, WA

“She has a lot of experience with women and children which made coming to her with post-partum and breastfeeding questions easy and comfortable.”* Continue Reading

M.M. Kirkland, WA

“And once again, the naturopathic way has brought healing instead of dependency upon a lifetime of being on medications.”* Continue Reading

P.M. Mill Creek, WA

“I have seen Dr. Brinkley for my recurring UTI problem as I was interested in overcoming it in an antibiotic free way and also avoiding their recurrence in the future. She was very patient about listening to my problem and gave me good naturopathic and homeopathic options, which worked great for me. Dr. Brinkley is Continue Reading

S.V. Redmond, WA

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“The doctors at Revolutions Naturopathic truly are caring scientists who want you to the live the healthiest you.”* Continue Reading

T.B. El Dorado Hills, CA

“I’ll surely be hitting the trails… and I’ll actually be able to enjoy it now!”* Continue Reading

S.C. Loomis, CA

“Recently, just over 2 months from the initial injection, I went in for another ultrasound to see what the tear looked like and if I can work out again. The tear is completely gone! WOW, I couldn’t get the smile off my face! No cutting, only 2 injections, and I am completely healed in 2 months due to prolotherapy injections.”* Continue Reading

CS Folsom, CA

“Revolutions Naturopathic can help with hard to diagnose and serious health issues.”* Continue Reading

T.M. Roseville, CA

“I felt normal again, and began engaging in past hobbies and interests…”* Continue Reading

J.R. Marysville, CA

Michele Raithel took an immense amount of time with me really listening to all the issues I brought up and then analyzed my tests in a way that I had never seen before. Continue Reading

A.L. San Anselmo, CA

Thank you for giving me back my very active life!!* Continue Reading

D.G. Fair Oaks, CA

“I look forward to each treatment because the benefits I have already experienced have proven to me this is a treatment that works.”* Continue Reading

L.W. Orangevale, CA

“Because of her treatment I was able to place 4th in 2 of my divisions on the state level in my sport.”* Continue Reading

A.M. Mount Aukum, CA

“My family and friends have noticed how great I have been feeling and how healthy I look.”* Continue Reading

E.S. Lincoln, CA

“Your application of prolotherapy and PRP brings a prudent option to many people in our community who injure themselves and desire non-surgical procedures to fix their problems.”* Continue Reading

D.B. Carmichael, CA

“The pain I was experiencing has subsided greatly and I am able to do the things I enjoy with little or no discomfort.”* Continue Reading

W.R. Fairfield, CA

“She listened to my mom, something some doctors don´t do with an 84 year old patient.”* Continue Reading

C.F. Rancho Murieta, CA

“It still amazes me how much her treatments worked!”* Continue Reading

M.G. Folsom, CA

“More people need to learn about this and get the assistance from a professional like Dr. Raithel.”* Continue Reading

J.Z., PhD Stockton, CA

“I have no doubt that had it not been for Dr. Raithel´s commitment, technical skill and support, I would still be a miserable medical mystery.”* Continue Reading

C.M. Folsom, CA

“We are so lucky to have doctors like this available to us in our community”* Continue Reading

W.M. Folsom, CA

“Dr. Raithel and her team are thorough, loving, and truly committed to helping you live a full and complete life.”* Continue Reading

M.C. Orangevale, CA

“In the first few days of my treatment plan, I saw drastic improvements. In the next month–life changing.”* Continue Reading

J.S. El Dorado Hills, CA

“I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Raithel, for how wonderful you’ve helped me feel in such a short time!”* Continue Reading

R.A. Sacramento, CA

“When I handed her a four page long document that I keep on my computer with all of my past ailments, supplements I take, and a long, long list of allergies, she didn´t bat an eye.”* Continue Reading

B.N. Rocklin, CA

“Once in a great while something comes along that changes your life tremendously. For me, finding Dr. Raithel is one of those things. I thought I was a healthy person who just happened to take a lot of medicines and still didn’t feel all that wonderful.”* Continue Reading

A.K. Fair Oaks, CA

“I had a severe strain in my back at the time and after just one treatment, I was already feeling 50% better!”* Continue Reading

M.J. Fair Oaks, CA

“It’s nice to know there are doctors out there that really listen to you & show you that there are alternative natural ways to improve yourself using natural products”* Continue Reading

K.P. London, England

“I am 84 years old, and was amazed at the help she gave me. I have full confidence in her knowledge and practice.” Continue Reading

M.R. Austin, TX

“I will continue to tell my story to everyone and surely recommend Dr. Raithel to anyone seeking real genuine results.”* Continue Reading

R.M. Folsom, CA

Where cortisone shots failed me in the past, Dr. Raithel’s treatment made a definite improvement in my life.* Continue Reading

S.B. Conrad, MT

“I had faith Dr. Raithel’s plan would work. And it did.”* Continue Reading

G.H. El Dorado Hills, CA

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“After years in struggling to get my daughter the very best care that she do desperately needed and needs, we now have it. Dr. Peronel is literally moving mountains for us. “* Continue Reading

C.W. Shingle Springs, CA

Needless to say, I highly recommend Revolutions Naturopathic to anyone looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, you know, where you are treated like a guinea pig and given prescription drugs to mask the symptoms and never address the cause.* Continue Reading

R.P. Fiddletown, CA

If you are just not getting anywhere with your current provider and nothing is working.. please go see them here! They will change your life!* Continue Reading

A.M. Folsom, CA

“I felt like she had the knowledge needed to help my human body work as nature designed it.”* Continue Reading

K.L. Folsom, CA

“For the first time ever I felt the doctor and the staff actually cared about me and wanted to find healthy solutions to fix my illness.”* Continue Reading

D.N. Folsom, CA

“I felt so welcomed and cared for that I had no trouble opening up to her.”* Continue Reading

M.P. Phoenix, AZ

“I can and will say that she changed my quality of life immensely.”* Continue Reading

J.C. Chandler, AZ

“Dr. Peronel is great at connecting with people, listening to them and working to create a treatment they are comfortable with.”* Continue Reading

C.D. Tempe, AZ

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* Testimonials appearing on this site are actually received via text submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way or another. However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services.