SLAP tear completely healed without surgery!!

September 5, 2019

“I went into Revolutions Naturopathic and saw Dr. Michele Raithel. She made my day! I no longer have a SLAP tear! After just over two months under her care and going through two injections of Prolotherapy, my tear is completely gone. 

I work for the state and have Kaiser for medical insurance. I was referred to a bunch of specialists and had two MRIs. I was told it would be surgery or nothing. They recommended nothing, and that in time it would heal but maybe not completely. So, after 3 months of very little improvement, if any, I was talking to a workout friend who told me his wife, Dr. Michele Raithel, could help me out and to make an appointment. 

I made an appointment with Dr. Raithel and she explained my SLAP tear and showed me the reasons why I couldn’t lift my arm correctly. She preformed a ultrasound on my shoulder area and found a tear about the size of a quarter. Not knowing exactly what that meant, she explained that for a person of my stature, a common size tear would be the size of a pencil eraser. Well that isn’t what I wanted to hear. That’s BIG! She explained that prolotherapy was an option for me and I agreed to have the treatment. 

The first injection was an uncomfortable amount of pressure, but overall it was not bad and it was quick. The next day – wow – my shoulder was extremely stiff and sore. Like, don’t touch me! I followed her instructions and by the second day after the prolotherapy the pressure and pain from the injection were much better, almost gone. 

A month later, I went back for my second injection of prolotherapy. She did another ultrasound and the tear went from a quarter to a dime size. Wahoo progress! 

Recently, just over 2 months from the initial injection, I went in for another ultrasound to see what the tear looked like and if I can work out again. The tear is completely gone! WOW, I couldn’t get the smile off my face! No cutting, only 2 injections, and I am completely healed in 2 months due to prolotherapy injections. 

I am so grateful for my friend and her knowledge. She truly cares for her patients. Thank you, Dr. Michele!”*