Sciatica Pain and Prolotherapy

May 18, 2017

“In Sacramento it has been difficult to find a doctor who practices prolotherapy. When I felt the sciatica pain on the tennis court, I knew I had to find a good prolotherapy doctor. I have had experience with four doctors over the years who had special training in prolotherapy. After a car accident, two specialist docs with Kaiser said I had to have surgery to fix my left shoulder. Prior to the surgery, I found out about a doc in Oakland who practices prolo. After four treatments in Oakland I could move my arm over my head and after eight treatments I could lift a 20 pound weight out to my left side. I became a believer in prolo, although the long travel time made the experience very inconvenient. When I hurt my back in Ashland, I found a doc there who practices prolo and after a few treatments felt much better. After lifting too much weight in a gym locally, I again needed either prolo or surgery for my right shoulder. This time I found a Kaiser doc who limited his practice to shoulders and knees and used prolo. After eight treatments, my shoulder was back stronger than before. A fourth doc, who worked in sports medicine, helped me with another back issue I had. Unfortunately, he moved his practice. I give you the above brief background to demonstrate that I am not new to prolo and have had some experience with this medical technique and various docs who apply this procedure.

After I felt the sciatica pain, I tried chiropractic care first with several visits – absolutely no help. Then I found you and your clinic. After your first prolotherapy treatment, my sciatica pain had measurably improved. The second treatment offered significant improvement. After the fourth treatment, I was 90% better. You are very skilled with prolotherapy and I very much appreciate your skill and local availability. Sacramento is fortunate to have you and your practice in our community. Your application of prolotherapy and PRP brings a prudent option to many people in our community who injure themselves and desire non-surgical procedures to fix their problems. Thank you for your skill and availability.”*