Insomnia Resolved

January 27, 2020

“Coming to see Dr. Boulter has been positively life changing for me. I have struggled with perimenopausal symptoms for years. I have visited many doctors but there was never really a fix for my symptoms. The worst symptom I had was insomnia. With insomnia, it was difficult for me to get through the day. I had no energy to exercise. I was irritable often, and in general, felt terrible. Dr. Boulter really listened to me and spent a lot of time discussing my symptoms. She asked a lot of questions going through my body from head to toe including my mental health. With the right minerals and supplements, I now sleep every night and sleep better than I have for years. I have the energy to workout with my husband again. I would highly recommend Dr. Boulter and Revolutions Naturopathic.”*