Holistic Oncology Support

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“I have been going to Revolutions for officially a year now after being diagnosed with cancer.  Dr. Young offered me a test that I was desperately searching for that my oncologist could not offer.  Because of this test, I was able to make a personal decision to forego “just in case” treatments of radiation that would have left long term problems, since “statistically” it was explained that it would “lower my risks of recurrence.”  I am not a statistic.  I also will not compare my medical choices to a study of people who only follow conventional practices and do nothing to change their diet and lifestyle.  This test gave me clear results and helped me make a more informed decision as to my health.  I am a young mother of small children and needed to be on the road to recovery and not suffer permanent damage from a treatment that offered me no comfort as to whether it could help me or not.  I am not against conventional treatment options, but without specific tests offered by my oncologist to help me achieve that decision, I could not proceed.

My prayers were answered the day I met Dr. Young.  Dr. Young was so supportive with whatever treatment options I chose, whether conventional, holistic, or both.  For the first time I felt like I had control of my health…AND OPTIONS!!  She has held my hand through this hell I have experienced this past year.  I am on a supplement and diet regimen and take B-shots weekly to help lower my stress levels and maintain optimal health.  The staff is so supportive and positive!  I am monitored by my oncologist and Dr. Young at Revolutions and I am happy to say that a year out from my diagnosis, I am the healthiest and the strongest I have ever felt in my life!”*

J.S. Fair Oaks, CA June 13, 2017