Freedom from Heavy Metals

September 23, 2019

“The first thought that comes to mind in seeing a Naturopathic doctor was/is money well spent!! I had been ill for quite some time. All tests with Primary Care Doc came back negative. This was so frustrating because it meant I would continue suffering. One day, I decided to see a Naturopathic doctor at Revolutions. Dr. Mathewson spent an entire hour with me and genuinely cared to help me discover the reason behind my complex number of symptoms. We went ahead and did a Heavy Metal Test, and lo and behold, I had severe lead poisoning. Dr. Mathewson said I had had this a long time, how long, we don’t know, but it wasn’t due to current exposure. She suggested I come weekly, 2x per week, for 90 minutes, for an IV Heavy Metal Detox. I came in 1x per week and after 10 sessions, we retested and the chelation was a success!

When you consider the financial, physical and emotional cost of chronic illness, and the fact that Primary Care Doctors are trained to treat symptoms and rarely look outside the box for causes, it makes complete sense to consult with a Naturopathic Doctor who is not only trained to look outside the box, but offers a variety of tests that Primary Car Docs aren’t allowed to. In the long run, this, in my opinion and experience, is the best choice.”*