Extreme Pain

May 9, 2017

“I was referred to the clinic by a friend that was seeing another doctor there for many things. I finally decided with all of the doctors I had gone to that could not find out what was wrong. I had been to numerous doctors for extreme pain in my joints and muscles. I had 2 doctors tell me my vitamin D level was 17 one time and 20 the next time and was not doing anything but giving me 1000mg of vitamin D and it was doing nothing.

I started seeing Dr. Young and from day one she sat with me and was determined to make me better. I had given up on trying to figure out what was wrong. I had kidney pain, back pain, joint and muscle pain. She started giving me shots of vitamin D and I stopped eating dairy for inflammation. I continued to see her as my regular doctor now my vitamin D level is at 42. I feel a lot better. I have way less pain, not completely gone but in the beginning, I could barely move or get out of bed. I am a massage therapist and my job is very physical and was having to be out of work a lot. Dr. Young, I tell everyone I know, you have changed my life! Thank you!”*