Chronic Migraines

May 8, 2017

“I met Dr. Raithel last summer at the Folsom Thursday night market where she had a booth and she was advertising her services. We discussed my chronic migraines and she said she could get rid of them. That captivated me since I was on two different daily meds to keep the migraines from occurring and they weren’t completely successful. At my consultation, Dr. Michele reviewed my records, listened intently to my severe migraine pain stories, which kicked up very badly earlier in the year, and told me very confidently she could fix it. I then asked her what makes her different from the Neurologist that is treating me. She replied Western medicine treats the symptoms, usually with drugs, and Naturopaths treat the cause. Since I wasn’t having success with Western medicine, I felt my confidence grow exponentially as Dr. Raithel outlined her plan for me. After ten chelations, and following the diet and exercise protocols, I’m thrilled to be free of pain from migraines, I’m off all preventative medicine prescribed by Western medical doctors, and I have no need for Maxalt anymore! I had faith Dr. Raithel’s plan would work. And it did. Thanks so much, Dr. Michele. It’s wonderful not to have to hide in bed day after day with migraine pain. Thanks so much!”*