Migraines and Biopuncture

May 9, 2017

“My health became a huge concern in 2003 while I was living in the small town of Greensboro, NC. When I started having severe migraine headaches every 2 weeks, waking from sleep with them 99% of the time, I blamed it on the pollen season since they began in early spring. My symptoms started out with a heavy headed feeling, accelerated pressure behind my face and forehead, watery eyes and stuffy sinuses. As 2 to 4 hours went by, it would render me unable to work, and as the excruciating pain intensified, I ended up home in bed; that´s if I even made it out the door before the real intense pain began, which made me so nauseous I stuck close to the bathroom.

By the middle of spring I was getting them once a week, sometimes lasting only 4 hours but 6 to 8 hours became the norm. I was seeing a doctor at that point on a very fixed budget with a limited healthcare plan. The doctors experimented by putting me on a few different meds that did nothing. I finally received some relief from a controlled prescription drug called Maxalt that had some long term liver damaging affects. The cost or these tiny pills were $25.00 each and I paid cash so I could at least hold down my job when these episodes struck. I was thankful when I would get [the headaches] on weekends, but my relationship suffered many times as I became a prisoner to it and accepted it as a way of life. Since that time the migraines stayed with me on a regular basis until 2005 when we moved back to Michigan -—where we are originally from — for my work. The climate there is very damp 90% of the time. Within 2 years I was getting migraines 2 times a week and 90% of the time on the weekends.

I went to doctors there that all said that there was no cure for migraines and that I was already taking the best medication for it as he wrote out yet another prescription I could not afford. My work has now led me to Roseville, where I had planned to see someone with a fresh prospective on remedies for my symptoms. My wife had been studying nutrition and alternative therapies for 6 to 8 years at this point. She looked up doctors in the area with the right credentials and she found Dr. Raithel, ND. She asked me to trust that the results would be different this time since she had gained so much knowledge and passion for what ND´s could do. I immediately called and found a very positive voice on the other end of the phone at Dr. Raithel’s office. I came to her office with a positive and bright outlook, for it surely felt like a place I wanted to be at. I immediately took Dr. Raithel as a genuine, caring and passionate professional who wanted nothing more than to see her patients getting results while under her care. She was direct and to the point as she listened eagerly which I had never experienced before. She wanted to know everything she could know about my health history and beyond, caring for the person as a whole being where everything connects. She started me out on a Nasopure sinus wash immediately that visit and scheduled me for a Biopuncture treatment the following week. I trusted her on the spot as she took action.

The first treatment was everything she had explained with no surprises and it was painless and fast. I committed myself to her care and agreed to follow it to a tee. I took the Thorne Research MediClear cleansing program for nutritional support, allergies and detoxification as well. After my first Biopuncture treatment, I had the after effects, just as she had mentioned up front. It passed and was no worse than anything I hadn´t already experienced before coming here. The second week and treatment had some more intense side effects but yet it was still no worse than anything I hadn’t already experienced before. Now during this time I realized I was getting no migraines during my work week and also was bouncing with energy and I had a spring in my step like I hadn´t had since I could remember. We skipped the third Biopuncture treatment to let my body build back up and we continued the following week. I was having absolutely, for the first time in 8 years, experiencing no repeating migraines and I was ecstatic with the results; jumping with joy and promise for I have so much to thank Dr. Raithel for. I feel more confident with every passing day and I have a clear head and sinuses and amazing energy. I will continue my healthy eating, of course, because my life has been on hold for far too long to not appreciate all that this treatment has done for my confidence and well being. I will continue to tell my story to everyone and surely recommend Dr. Raithel to anyone seeking real genuine results.”*