Telehealth is coming to Revolutions Naturopathic with the integration of Zoom into our ChARM electronic medical records software. This is very exciting for me personally as I am often asked by my family members (who live several hundred miles away in the Los Angeles area) if their friends can become my patients. We now have a secure and HIPAA compliant way to make that happen. This will also allow patients who have significant mobility issues to access our care, as well as make it easier for very busy people to see me face to face (digitally). As long as you live in the state of California, we can deliver naturopathic medicine to you.

While the technology is amazing, we still want to see patients in person as there will be the need for physical exams, specimen collections, and taking vitals. So, not every patient is eligible for telehealth, but we are excited to have this as an option. Currently myself, Dr. Peronel, Dr. Mathewson, and Dr. Boulter are available for telehealth appointments.