Spring Into Wellness

                Spring is apparently near– according to Phil the groundhog. Don’t make THIS Spring another Groundhog Day (Bill Murray, anyone?) without manifesting those health changes you were so intent on implementing in the New Year. Spring is a time for detoxification, a time for movement, growth and reproduction. Let us follow the lead of nature and address these concerns in our busy lives whether it be weight loss, eating better, more exercise/movement or addressing possible hormonal obstacles before another month (or more) passes by. It is never too early to shrug off winter and prepare for the return of the sun.

                At Revolutions, we are here to help you reach your health goals through foundation building (nutrition, movement, mental health), prevention, functional testing and whole-person assessment. We will educate and empower you to be a better you.

Dr. Kunkle is a recent addition to the Revolutions Team. His expertise lies in chronic disease and his passion lies in wellness.