Hormone Balancing

We utilize herbs, tinctures, and bioidentical hormones in the form of pills, patches, injections or hormone pellet therapy to customize a solution that fits your health goals and lifestyle.

Prolotherapy & PRP

We use ultrasound guidance for the best in non-surgical joint repair.  We offer PRP, prolotherapy, prolozone and other injection treatment options.

Intravenous (IV) Therapies

We have the largest, most comfortable IV suites in Sacramento combined with doctors experienced in prescribing intravenous therapies.

B12 Injections

Walk-in to our clinic anytime Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm to choose from our full menu of nutrient injections.


We utilize Sciton laser and light therapies, medical peels, and platelet rich plasma combined with internal healing to help you look your best.

Escharotic Treatment

If you have had an abnormal pap smear and colposcopy and are looking for alternatives to surgery, there are other options available.


Our professional supplements and botanical medicines are tested daily by thousands of local patients to ensure we only keep products that work.

Foundations of Our Practice:

Advanced Diagnostics

We offer the latest laboratory testing in genetic, cardiovascular, hormone, detoxification, allergy, nutritional deficiency and many other specialized lab tests.

Doctor Consultations

Our naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in natural and conventional therapies. Our doctors have the same biomedical foundation and specialize to offer better individual care.