Scar Therapy

Many people are surprised to learn that scars have an integral role in pain.  Scars do not just form on the surface but can create adhesions that can attach to bones and organs causing restrictions in range of motion.  A surgical scar can bind nerves as well cause radiating pain. Identifying the source of pain in these situations can be very difficult until the scars are assessed. 

If a scar is identified as a contributing factor in your pain it can be broken down in several ways.  Vigorous massage can help soften the scar but depending on size and location you may need scar therapy injections to break up deeper adhesions.  These injections contain nutrients that help break down scar tissue and lay down healthy collagen in its place.  Scar tissue is not as flexible as healthy collagen and the inflexibility is what cases pain.

Scar therapy is just one of the many treatment ours doctors offer to address the many causes of pain. If you are suffering, consider contacting the office to discuss your options.