Optimize YOU

I recently signed up for a 300-day coaching program through a program called Optimize.me, and I’m excited to share with you a little bit about the program, it’s purpose, and how it helps people maximize their potentials ?

Here is a quick YouTube video on the program: THIS IS OPTIMIZE

To start, anyone can gain access to the tools here. There is a monthly subscription that anyone can sign up for (you don’t have to do the coaching program). The program helps you enrich your life with developing good habits. This is an awesome tool for those folks who are looking to close the gap on who you are today and actualizing the potential of who you could be.

The program delivers condensed areas of wisdom. Hundreds of books on self-actualization, mindset, habits, love, growth and human potential are boiled down to the very important key aspects in a PDF and MP3 lesson. There’s a mountain of quality resources available here for anyone looking to close their gap and maximize their potential.

As a coach, my class goes through a lot more intense sessions every week where certain lessons are drilled into our daily practices over and over again. We’re only 3 weeks into the program and I’ve already gained so much valuable education that makes every day I live get better and better.

I signed up for this course is because I love self-development, but I also knew taking this course would be a great decision because it would make me a better doctor. My approach to encouraging healthy habits or enlightening certain things is completely different from one patient to the next, and this course provides me with an advanced skillset to be the best human and best doctor possible. I’m excited for the personal growth and development that will come from this course, not just for myself but exponentially for my ability to better care for my patients.

Cheers to you,
Cheers to me,
Cheers to our best!

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